Anything goes in GOP dirtball strategyThe majority...

Anything goes in GOP dirtball strategy

The majority report of the Senate Whitewater Committee is only part of the Republican "Dirtball Strategy" of presidential politics.


The plan is to throw as much dirt at the Clintons as possible and benefit from whatever sticks and drives up their negative ratings.

Nothing is off limits -- innuendo, speculation or guilt by association. The Republican Party's goal is to politically damage the Clintons enough to win back the White House.


While the GOP practices dirtball politics, Robert Dole shamelessly campaigns on "Principle, Trust and Integrity."

Richard L. Ottenheimer


Remarkable made Exodus exhibit

Reporter Jacques Kelly told the fascinating tale of the President Warfield/Exodus 1947 in his June 27 column about our magnificent scale model of the "ship that launched a nation."

Mr. Kelly neglected to mention the remarkable man, Haron Dahan, who made the entire project possible.

Mr. Dahan not only contributed the funds to research the ship and have the model made, but it was he, a veteran of Israel's War of Independence, who conceived of the 50th anniversary commemoration and tapped Dr. Barry Lever to head it up.

Barry Kessler



The writer is the assistant director and curator of the Jewish Historical Society of Maryland.

Nurse protests a photo of kids

As both a mother and a pediatric nurse I am outraged over a July 2 picture showing children riding in the back of a pick-up truck.

Don't the media or the parents realize that a sudden stop or collision will result in those adorable faces tragically flying through the air to an unnecessary, catastrophic injury or, worst yet, death?

Health care workers in the pediatric field continuously focus their efforts on the prevention of injuries in children since most are preventable.


Despite safety restraint laws, we continue to see children unrestrained in vehicles and can envision the fatal events that may occur.

Isn't it enough that we are losing children daily to senseless gunshot wounds? We owe it to them to at least protect them from injuries that can be avoided.

Many agencies are available to help in the acquisition of restraints if parents cannot afford them.

With all the education and assistance available today, it could almost be considered neglect to allow your child to ride unrestrained.

Karen Hardingham



The writer is an education coordinator at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

Violence distorts American manhood

Alumni argue against making military schools co-ed with women present because the men will no longer bond as they have previously.

In the government and university endorsement of the bonding experience, upper-class students subject new entrants to mental and physical abuse for a considerable length of time; the qualified freshmen accept the constant reminders that enduring insults and pain will make them become real men of officer quality.

Pat Conroy and Robert Timberg are just two of many authors who have described the humiliation and physical pain in their writings; neither appears to praise the experience.

Such endorsement of violence has shaped our concept of American manhood. Is it any wonder we suffer from an abundance of brutality?


The new Supreme Court ruling may allow us to search for a more acceptable definition of friendship.

Dorothy Siegel


McGinity's pharmacy will be missed

Thank you so much for the bittersweet article on McGinity's Pharmacy in Highlandtown. Some of my fondest memories of childhood in the 1950s and 1960s include McGinity's.

I took piano lessons two doors away and often stopped at McGinity's for a chocolate snowball with ice cream.


My heart goes out to the residents of Highlandtown as another of the businesses that give a city its local color and flavor falls to a faceless chain.

Pamela T. Prenger


Pub Date: 7/14/96