3-way tie for first place at midpoint of Dow contest

WHEN THE Dow Jones industrial average closed Friday -- the year's halfway point -- at 5,654.63, the closest crystal ball gazers in our 1996 contest were, in order:

Three-way tie for first at 5,655: Doris and Eugene Johnston B. Krawczyk John Peddicord.


At 5,654: Mr. and Mrs. Vito DeMonte.

Three-way tie at 5,656: Rocco D. Melo Judy Vandever Lucille Weidner.


At 5,658: John Roth Sr.

Two-way tie at 5,651: John Kwaitkowski Barbara R. Rowe.

Four-way tie at 5,659: Michelle O'Donnell Marilyn B. Thorp Janet A. Cassidy Bob Bauer.

When the year opened, the Dow stood at 5,117.12.

Six months to go! The winner and runner-up will receive dinners and lunches for two with Mr. and Mrs. Ticker at the contestants' favorite restaurants. The 10 next closest get hardback books about money. A coin flip will decide ties.

BALTIMORE & BEYOND: "Once the election is over, interest rates will move back up; this will hurt bonds." (Adrian Day's Baltimore-based Investment Analyst newsletter.)

"In mid-June, our market model moved negative. Mutual fund holders should cut back from 80 percent invested to 20 percent." (Investors Intelligence.)

"Investors are directing more and more retirement money, such as 401(k)s, etc., into stocks, much of the money deducted regularly from payroll checks. This gives market a steady stream of funds." (Business Week, July 8.)


DO IT NOW: This week's (June 30-July 6) National Business Employment Weekly has a helpful story, "How I Leveraged My Lead Time Before a Layoff: Steps to Find a New Position Before Being Terminated." Some excerpts:

"Determine what new job you want, identify your skills, prepare a resume. Develop new skills through formal training and self-instruction. Conduct informational interviews. Network constantly. Use ads, recruiters, for leads. Develop interviewing skills. Don't stop searching until you take new job."

TAX SAVER: "To avoid having life insurance taxed in your estate: (1) Transfer all incidents of ownership to another person or (2) Set up a life insurance trust."

For details, call Harry B. Gorfine Co. at 539-5474 or write to the firm, eighth floor, Mercantile Bank Building, 2 Hopkins Plaza, Baltimore 21201, and ask for the free "June Tax Report."

TAKE OFF EARLY: "If you absolutely must be somewhere at a certain time, schedule an early airline departure. Early flights are less likely to suffer a 'ripple effect' caused by flight delays. Also, if your early flight is canceled or delayed, there will be more rerouting options." (Working Families, July.)

RIGHT IS WRONG: When taking a morning train to New York, or points between, try to sit on the left side of the car. This seat selection prevents the bright, morning sun in the East from flashing in your eyes. When returning, also sit on the left side because the sun shifted position during the day.


JULY JOURNAL: Banks, stock and bond markets will close tomorrow for the 4th of July holiday.

PTC This week's (July 1) Barron's lists, under "Bargain Hunting": Payless ShoeSource, Earthgrains, Waban, Scotts, First Mississippi, Arrow Electronics.

"In a reverse mortgage, homeowners get lump-sum loan, monthly income stream or line of credit. Your accountant has details." (Deloite & Touche Review.)

"If your profession has unexpected inconveniences, console yourself. No profession is without them, and all business troubles are soft compared with idleness." (Samuel Johnson, English author.)

LAST, NOT LEAST: Financial World lists its "Mid-year Dynamic Dozen Stocks": Amcast, Caterpillar, Compaq Computer, Deere, Harnischfeger, Illinois Tool Works, Intel, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Regal-Beloit, Snap-On, Wellman.

"If you had invested $1,000 in Black & Decker a year ago, you would take home about a $310 profit if you sold today." (Black Enterprise, July.)


"Being on the brink of success often brings a crisis, and all of our neuroses pop right up to the surface." (From a story in Fortune, July 8, "Are You Afraid of Success?")

"IRS revenue agents are instructed to bypass accountants and attorneys in audits if professionals resist a request for a personal meeting with their clients." (Tax Hotline, July.)

"The reason worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work." (Robert Frost.)

Pub Date: 7/03/96