Bruised foot hobbles Hoiles Alomar's ankle sore; Catcher hit by pitches in 4 of his last 6 games

KANSAS CITY, MO. — KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Orioles catcher Chris Hoiles limped around the clubhouse before last night's game, a sizable blue bruise on the top of his left foot. Hoiles was hit by a pitch in the eighth inning of Friday night's game, and the contusion will keep him out of the next two games, at least.

"I don't even know how I got through the whole game," said Hoiles. "What hurt most was squatting, because the flap [on his shinguard] hit right on the bruise."


Hoiles got treatment on his foot for three hours Friday night, and X-rays revealed no broken bones. But he is in a significant amount of pain because the ball thrown by Mark Gubicza hit directly on the tendon just above the ball of his ankle; any movement in his foot shoots pain all the way up to his knee.

"He's probably out for a couple of days," said Orioles manager Davey Johnson. "It could be more."


Second baseman Roberto Alomar also was out of the starting lineup, nursing a sore right ankle. But he pinch hit for Bill Ripken in the seventh inning, delivered a double and wound up playing the rest of the way, going 1-for-4 to drop his average to .390. He also made several sterling defensive plays.

Johnson said Alomar's ankle has been a constant problem. "Robbie's ankle has been bothering him a little bit all year," Johnson said. "The last week it's been a little more tender. It was really bad there for a while. Hopefully, it'll be better."

Hoiles has been hit by pitches in his last three games, and four of his last six games.

On June 11, Hoiles was drilled on the left forearm and he still has stitch-marks. A bruise on his right forearm, from June 10, hasn't gone away completely, either.

Brady Anderson has been hit nine times, one short of his career high of 10. Anderson was hit twice June 11 in Detroit, and has two large bruises near his right hip to show for it.

Orioles batters have been hit by pitches 30 times this year, and Orioles pitchers have hit just nine, including last night, when David Wells plunked Joe Vitiello in the first inning.

Some hitters in the Orioles' clubhouse would like to see those numbers even out a little bit.

Johnson acknowledged the discrepancy earlier this week.


"I think it's because some of [the other staffs] are pitching inside a lot," he said. "Not to hit anybody, necessarily, but they're just throwing inside. It might be something that our guys should try to do."

Pub Date: 6/16/96