Boo birds on road may see Ravens as tempting targets

Opinion: Look for fans in visiting stadiums to boo the feathers off the Ravens, just on principle for ditching Cleveland.

Fact: Rafael Palmeiro has more hits than any other American Leaguer except Paul Molitor in the '90s, yet he has batted only once in the All-Star Game.


Opinion: Mike Mussina's recent struggles prove that dilution of talent isn't the only reason major-league pitching is so poor. If Mussina is getting rocked, something is up with the strike zone.

Fact: Princeton has won all three of its lacrosse national championships in the '90s on overtime goals.


Opinion: That the Orioles make four trips to the West Coast and the Yankees make two sounds like a payback for the Orioles' refusal to field a replacement team last spring.

Fact: The "horrible" Red Sox have the same record as the Orioles during their past 41 games. Both are 20-21.

Opinion: I'm picking Editor's Note in the Belmont. (Yes, even though the D. Wayne Lukas-trained colt hasn't won since September.)

Fact: Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Mike Scott and Dwight Gooden pitched for the Mets and threw no-hitters. But they didn't throw their no-hitters until they left the Mets.

Opinion: Winning a French Open title, on clay, would be Pete Sampras' greatest accomplishment.

Fact: B. B. King and Little Richard will perform at the closing ceremonies of the Atlanta Olympics.

Opinion: Rick Pitino turned down the New Jersey Nets because his real dream is to come in and save the Boston Celtics, or turn the Orlando Magic into champions. He'll leave Kentucky for one of those two jobs.

Fact: Kurk Lee, the former Dunbar and Towson State basketball star, played on a championship pro team in Finland this season. He'll play there again next year.


Opinion: So, now Miami is hockeytown USA. Is this a ridiculous decade or what?

Fact: A soccer fan in Bulgaria recently threw a live snake at a referee.

Opinion: And the baseball umps think Marge Schott is trouble.

Fact: Major League Soccer games are drawing 21,000 fans a game, well above the league's initial forecast of 12,000.

Opinion: You need to get a life if you're counting down the days until Dream Team III revs it up in the Olympics.

Fact: NFL teams were frightened of Nebraska's Lawrence Phillips and Christian Peter because of their troubled pasts, but Allen Iverson, who actually has done hard time, is expected to be one of the first players picked in the NBA draft.


Opinion: No truer words were ever spoken than AL president Gene Budig's assessment of Albert Belle: "He needs help."

Fact: Nancy Lopez says she would have won the U.S. Open in 1977 if her zipper hadn't broken on the first hole Sunday. "I spent the whole day worrying about whether someone would see my underwear," she said.

Opinion: I see nothing leading me to believe that the Indians and Braves won't meet again in the World Series.

Fact: The San Diego Padres' attendance is up 85 percent from a year ago.

Opinion: That Unbridled's Song home page on the World Wide Web probably hasn't been "hit" much lately.

Fact: Jim Ryun, the famous miler from the '60s, is running for Congress as a Republican in Kansas.


Opinion: The White Sox are for-real contenders in the wild-card race. There's one team with decent pitching.

Fact: The Orioles are drawing more fans per game than the Athletics, Brewers and Tigers combined.

Opinion: The Seattle Mariners are my favorite team to watch in the majors. They only hit a home run every 15 minutes.

Fact: "Toni Kukoc was named the NBA's best sixth man, and Dennis Rodman won the swimsuit and evening gown competitions," said Jay Leno.

Opinion: The Ravens' permanent seat license ad campaign might go down a little easier if they didn't keep telling us what a great deal it was.

Fact: Craig Ferrell, the U.S. Olympic swim team's doctor, was in the Memphis emergency room when Elvis Presley was wheeled in on Aug. 16, 1977. "He's definitely dead," Ferrell says.


Pub Date: 6/04/96