'Speedee' was the logo for early McDonald's Antiques: The fast-food chain made the switch to avoid thoughts of heartburn.


I can remember when you couldn't sit down to eat in a McDonald's -- they were just drive-ins. I have an old sign from those days with a character called "Speedee."

Speedee was an early McDonald's logo, designed to show that the service was fast. Speedee was awfully close to Alka Seltzer's Speedy logo. Not wanting to be associated with indigestion, the hamburger chain quickly and quietly dropped Speedee in favor of Ronald McDonald, who debuted in 1963.

Speedee memorabilia is quite valuable.

My souvenir plate pictures New Bern, N.C. On the back it's marked "JONROTH England." Any information you have would be welcomed.

John H. Roth is the oldest ceramic pictorial souvenir firm in the United States. It was founded in 1909 in Peoria, Ill. In 1970, the company moved to Florida. The firm's trademark is Jonroth.

The company bought plates from Germany and England until the 1930s. Everything made after World War II was produced in England and decorated in the United States.

My dad saved my old marble collection. It includes some painted china marbles. Are they valuable?

China marbles can be expensive. It depends on the condition of the paint, the decoration and the size.

The most rare china marbles are painted with scenic designs. A 1-inch diameter scenic marble in mint condition might sell for $1,000. A 1-inch china marble with lines painted on it, in comparison, is worth about $5; with an intricate floral decoration, $100.

My husband's family has a painting done on a spider web that was brought from Austria at the turn of the century. The picture is visible on both sides of the double glass pivotal frame. Have you heard of this?

There were many strange types of pictures made in Victorian times. Paintings on spider webs were done by professionals and sold as oddities to tourists. There is an example hanging in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

Pub Date: 6/02/96

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