Swimming pool managers set to plunge into summer season

EAST COLUMBIA swimming pool supervisor Ken Zachmann announces that the pools are filled, the pool schedule is printed and pool managers have been hired. Now, it's up to Mother Nature to help warm the water.

The Stevens Forest pool, which is heated, had its "preview" opening last weekend. All pools open this weekend from noon until 7 p.m. and weekdays from 3: 30 p.m. until 7 p.m. A summer pool schedule is available at all pools.The days open vary.


Many of the pool managers are familiar to their neighborhood swimmers because they have been managers, assistant managers or swim team coaches. This year's manager and coach list includes:

Laura Goode, Dasher Green manager, (Owen Brown Village).


Matt Bachinski, Dickinson manager, (Kings Contrivance Village).

Theron Grim, Hopewell manager, (Kings Contrivance).

Cortney Adams, Huntington manager, (Kings Contrivance).

Jay Herdson, Jeffers Hill manager (Long Reach Village).

Jeff Freimanis, Kendall Ridge manager (Long Reach).

Kelly Viglione, Locust Park manager (Long Reach).

Holly Stover, MacGills Common manager (Kings Contrivance).

Melissa Schnaar, Phelps Luck manager (Long Reach).


Scott Herdson, Stevens Forest manager (Oakland Mills Village).

Marloe Apelman, Talbott Springs manager (Oakland Mills).

Becky Temple, Thunder Hill manager (Oakland Mills).

Coaches of village swim teams are: Amy Weiss in Owen Brown, Cortney Adams and Holly Stover in Kings Contrivance, Kristi Burke and Rachel Berkowitz in Long Reach and Scott Herdson and Jan Cunningham in Oakland Mills.

Neighborhood girls and boys are invited to register for their swim teams at the pools before June 19 or at the Outdoor Pools office, 9450 Gerwig Lane before June 20.

Age qualification for a team is determined by the swimmer's age on June 1 this year. Age 8 and under must swim one length of the pool on their back and one length face-down.


For details, please call (410) 312-6332.

Super school citizens

The lists of school Citizens of the Month for this week's column include April and May honorees.

Stevens Forest Elementary's April and May Team Citizens were: Sassafras team: Jen Nathan, Sara Love, Brittany Carroza, Rasheed Frazier, Amanda Collins and David Turnbull.

Dogwood team: Courtney Cox, Renee Goodman, Shaun Dubick, Jenna Berge, Mookie Golden, Valerie Freund, Moni Gbadebo and Kelly McEachern.

Oak team: Troy Saunders, Kendra Cole, Mason Frost, Brittany Chatmon, Amanda Rogers and Katie Hanges.


Tulip: Megan Cable, Lauren Kaufmann, Lauren Stryker and Adam Villamor.

Cherry: Sabrina Cox, Keri Conn, Karlie Hart, Kristy Black, Christian Bowser and Casey Wilson.

Jeffers Hill Elementary's Citizens of the week were:

Fifth grade: Katie Poole, Danielle Nixon and Paul Concannon.

Fourth grade: Anna Beam, Erin Bloomer and Robert Tucker.

Third grade: Ashley Jones, Alanna Bradley and Aria Branch.


Second grade: Jocelyn Fowler, Laura Nolan and Bo Craig.

First grade: Candy Miller, Brittany Gallop and Nicole Edmonds.

Kindergarten: Malik Muhammed, Artinique Curtis and Rachel Wall.

Orientation reminder

Owen Brown Middle School invites parents of students who will be attending the school this fall to an orientation meeting today from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Information: (410) 313-7607.


Scholarship winners

Four Oakland Mills High seniors -- Shante Adams, Jayna Bell, Stephanie Bryant and Keri Farmer -- were honored with four of the eight scholarships presented by the Iota Lambda Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority at ceremonies last month.

Pub Date: 5/21/96