"Flatlander" by Larry Niven. It's an interesting...


"Flatlander" by Larry Niven. It's an interesting Sci-fi book - mystery stories set in a futuristic world. And "River of the Dancing Gods" by Jack L. Chalker is light humor with some really funny jokes. The whole series is great, I really like this author a lot...

For school I have to read "Canterbury Tales," by Geoffrey Chaucer. It's kind of dry, some of the stories are gross and some unfinished, but all are funny. And "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansbury is really funny and realistic. It's been called a classic and I think it really is. Before I read it I thought all school required reading was dull.

Marian Rosenberg, Baltimore Polytechnic Institute freshman and winner of the 1996 Baltimore Science Fiction Society's Writer's Contest for her short story "A Grandmother's Tale."

Pub date: 5/19/96

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