Candidate Griffey still hasn't taken a stand


The campaign pins and bumper stickers are everywhere, proclaiming Ken Griffey as the alternative candidate in this year's presidential campaign, but he remains mum on his platform as the election nears.

"I'm referring all questions about my presidential campaign to my press secretary," Griffey said this week.

It's all in fun, of course. The ersatz presidential bid was the brainchild of the marketing people at Nike, who enlisted Democratic campaign guru James Carville in their clever "Griffey in '96" national advertising campaign.

Griffey has another election coming up in the next couple of weeks, when Major League Baseball begins distributing All-Star ballots. He and Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken figure to be the top two vote getters, though not necessarily in that order.

Pub Date: 5/17/96

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