St. Mary's College pays tribute to its president, Edward Lewis


ST. MARY'S COLLEGE of Maryland is bidding a fond farewell to its president, Edward T. (Ted) Lewis, who will soon retire and leave the beautiful shores of Southern Maryland for the shores of Rhode Island.

One goodbye party for Lewis and his wife, Angela, was held at the Evergreen House on Charles Street. Guests were Baltimore-area donors to the school, board members and friends Lewis has made during his 13-year tenure. Some who stopped by the lovely cocktail reception were Buzzy Krongard, Alex. Brown CEO and St. Mary's board member; Richard Hug, Environmental Elements executive, who was talking about a fund-raising party he and his wife, Lois, were having for Ellen Sauerbrey; H. Mebane Turner, president of the University of Baltimore; Walter Sondheim, state school board member; retired judge Bob Watts and his wife, Jacquelyn; Molly Bruce Jacobs, board member; St. Mary's alum Bonnie Green, who works in the maritime industry in California; Terri Rubenstein, board member; and Brian Clarke, VP of college advancement at St. Mary's, and his wife, Ellen. Also attending was Don Rothman, attorney and board member, who was chatting with school donor Clarisse Mechanic about a trip to California with his wife, Bette. Seems the Rothmans will baby-sit for grandchildren while their son, Tom, a 20th Century Fox executive, attends the Cannes Film Festival.

St. Mary's incoming president, Jane Margaret O'Brien, who likes to be called Maggie, wasn't at the reception. She's leaving the presidency of Hollins College in Virginia and will be at her new post in July.

Celebrity request

When Orioles PR gal Heather Tilles checked her voice mail Saturday before last, there was a message from a limo driver requesting seats for Kevin ("Field of Dreams") Costner, and perhaps Anthony Hopkins and Tom Selleck.

The stars were in D.C. to attend the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner Saturday night and wanted to watch an Orioles game. Only Costner was able to make it, and Tilles swears it was just a coincidence that while she was escorting him through the tunnel ramp to sit with Kelly Ripken, music from "Field of Dreams" was playing over the stadium PA system. He looked at her and said, "Hey, that's my song." Fortunately for him, he was not recognized. I am told the same thing happened when members of the pop music group Hootie & the Blowfish took in a game, but somehow I can't fathom a comparison.

Vehicle for success

Soon after auto dealer Len Stoler announced that Sarah Dymond from Lansdowne High School and LaShawn Palmer from Baltimore Polytechnic Institute had won his annual $2,500 scholarship awards, he surprised two other youngsters. Past winners Angel Rogers and Thaddeus Lancaster, sophomore honor students at James Madison University and Morgan State University, respectively, were introduced, and he gave them additional $2,500 scholarships.

Pub Date: 5/12/96

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