Little rest on Roesch's schedule Swimming: Wilde Lake sophomore star doesn't mind the hard work it takes to make a big splash.

It is the life of a swimmer.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, Wilde Lake sophomore Megan Roesch wakes up at 4: 30 a.m. Her father, Larry, drives her to UMBC, where she practices until 6: 25. Then it's back home to get ready for school.


Roesch returns to UMBC by 3: 30 p.m., practicing two more hours. She'll have dinner around 7, then hit the books.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Roesch has afternoon practices at UMBC, then lifts weights for 45 minutes at the Columbia Athletic Club. Saturdays, she practices at 10 a.m. for two more hours.



"We're off," Roesch said. "I sleep in real late."

In a sport that creates splashes and waves but often not a lot of publicity, Roesch is one of the county's finest swimmers.

She started swimming at age 5, and in sixth grade joined the Retriever Aquatic Club, headed by UMBC coach Sid Burkot. She has steadily improved and, with a 3.6 grade-point average, is a strong candidate to earn a college scholarship.

"She has the capability and skills to be as good as anybody in the country," said Burkot. "She has the size, determination and is very dedicated to the sport."

Roesch competes in the freestyle and backstroke. She travels with her club to many national meets, and will spend her 16th birthday on May 18 in Phoenix for a Speedo Cup meet that will include U. S. Olympic Team members.

She will compete at the Junior Nationals in July at the University of Alabama and hopes to qualify for the Senior Nationals in the 50-meter free. Her best time of 27.38 is 19/100ths of a second short of qualifying for the Senior meet.

Roesch is as competitive as anyone, and spends many hours trying to improve.


"I want to be the best I can be," said Roesch, whose 5-foot-11 frame and long arms and legs give her an advantage. "I work hard and try to give my best effort all the time."

While swimming is work, it's also a lot of fun. Roesch and other Howard County swimmers had some fun April 28 at the Howard County high school championships at Howard Community College.

Roesch won three individual events -- the only swimmer to do that -- and was on two victorious relay teams to lead Wilde Lake to the team title with 179.5 points. Hammond was second with 151, followed by Centennial with 128, Atholton 86.5, Oakland Mills 84.5, Mount Hebron 49, Howard 32.5, and Glenelg 15.

The first-place finish earned Wilde Lake a $500 donation to the school-sponsored drug-free graduation party. Hammond received $250 and Centennial $150.

Meet director Laura Condon credited team captains for the strong turnout of 128 competitors this year. The captains were: Atholton -- Bryan Arnold; Centennial -- Rebecca Hewitt and Abby Mueller; Glenelg -- Jessica Riley and Teresa Piekarski; Hammond -- Brian Crawford and Danny Serpico; Howard -- Nikki Sansbury; Mount Hebron -- Paola Espitia and Christy Maskeroni; Oakland Mills -- Johanna Blakely and Mike Herdson; and Wilde Lake -- Scott Jacobson and Brian Best.

Swimmers who earned points for their school: Wilde Lake -- Roesch, Best, Cedric Taylor, Rachel Handshu, Drew Woodbury, Terra Peterson; Hammond -- Michael Malchak, Kim Whitaker, Sean Perschy, Crawford, Brooke Schaub, Patti McLaughlin; Centennial -- Lisa Stasciulewicz, Mike Conti, Mark Zonarich, Michelle Botek, Colleen Greenhalgh, Peter Schoenbrodt; Atholton -- Arnold, Katie Hurley, Pat Bonds, Kristen Trinkus, Shawn O'Hurgan, Julia Allen; Oakland Mills -- Sarah Condon, Beth Blakely, Chris Franey, Andrew Long, Johanna Blakely, Derin Walters; Mount Hebron -- Nicole Brannock, Maskeroni, Espitia; Howard -- Robert Hodges, Sansbury, Zach Jones; Glenelg -- Piekarski, Spence Baxter.


Pub Date: 5/09/96