Singing winning tune at age 9 Kimberly Scott: Suitland fourth-grader, who will be featured at Children's Fair this weekend, already has her own CD and various awards.


Kimberly Scott, 9, loves math, but only for one reason.

"Because I want to know how to count my money when I get famous," she said.

Such optimism seems extreme for a 9-year-old girl. Then again, not many 9-year-olds have won national competitions and released a compact disc.

Kimberly has done both and will be the featured singer at the 10th annual Children's Fair in Arnold Saturday.

Kimberly is an accomplished singer. The fourth-grader at Benjamin Foulois Elementary School in Suitland in Prince George's County is a five-time "Showtime at the Apollo" victor and also winner of a Jenny Jones National Talent Search.

Kimberly also has opened for Immature, a popular rhythm and blues group, and will audition later this month for a part in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway-bound musical "Whistle Down the Wind."

"It makes me feel good," Kimberly said of her singing. "The reason I like singing so much is I just want to do something for the fun of it."

Ernesto Phillips, chief executive officer and president of Longevity Records in Columbia, which has signed Kimberly to a multiyear contract, said his client has the potential to be as popular as two of her idols, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

"As long as Kimberly continues to enjoy doing what she's doing, the sky's the limit," Mr. Phillips said.

Mr. Phillips said he decided to have Kimberly appear at the fair after he spoke in March to Cheryl Carnwath, co-founder of Camp Blaze, and liked what he heard about the event.

"On TV, all you hear are the negative things [about youngsters] -- that they have no guidance, they idolize violence," Mr. Phillips said. "This sounded like a positive event."

Mrs. Carnwath said she was delighted to hear that Kimberly wanted to perform at the fair.

"She's an inspiration for the kids and what they can achieve if they set their minds to it," Mrs. Carnwath said. "We're real lucky to get her."

The fair, which starts at 9 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m., is sponsored by Camp Blaze, a Severna Park nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening families.

Kimberly will take the stage at 10 a.m., when she will welcome everyone and greet the winners of an essay contest.

The contest had 311 entrants, who were asked to write what family tradition they would preserve for future generations.

The winners are: Shannon Walters, 8, a third-grader at the Annapolis Area Christian School; Meghan Shrader, 9, a fourth-grader at Cape St. Claire Elementary School; Elissa Favero, 12, a seventh-grader at the Key School; and Cherise J. Ratcliff, 17, a senior at Glen Burnie Senior High School.

The fair also will feature an anti-alcohol and drug message from "Punchy -- The Million Dollar Machine," a gymnastics dem- onstration, and hot-air balloon rides.

Information booths will offer parents free brochures and pamphlets on childhood health problems.

Pub Date: 5/02/96

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