Tori Amos, despite the critics


In a way, there's a lot of Led Zeppelin in the Tori Amos phenomenon. It isn't so much that Amos grew up idolizing the British heavy rockers (though she did) as it is the way her relationship with her audience and critics mirrors theirs. Led Zep, remember, was roundly dismissed by the reviewers, who called the band's music pretentious, overblown and muddled by mysticism -- charges that were also leveled at Amos' latest, "Boys for Pele."

But in both cases, what the critics missed in their analysis the fans felt in their hearts. Of course, Amos isn't quite as huge as Zep was, but even so, "Boys for Pele" entered the charts at No. 2, and tickets for Amos' shows sold out as soon as they were announced.

Touring as ever without a band (though this time with a harpsichord in addition to her trusty Boesendorfer grand piano), Amos will be performing songs from all three of her albums, along with the usual cover-tune surprises. But since the set list for each show is likely to be different, it's hard to say which night's audience will hear what -- which, for the fans, is part of the fun.

The Tori Amos concerts are Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8 p.m. at D.A.R. Constitution Hall in Washington. Tickets are sold out. Call (202) 638-2661.

Pub Date: 4/25/96

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