Mizrahi plays the cut-up Fashion: Designer misses deadline, but not his chance to poke fun at the New York press. Oh, and his '70s updates are a kick, too.


NEW YORK -- The prose of the fashion press got a good tweak at the Isaac Mizrahi show. The program notes were a send-up of the fatuous prose common to New York's gabbiest rag trade columnists.

Here's a sample that reads uncomfortably close to a runway review from Women's Wear Daily: "Monday night's high-profile crowd was kept waiting, as usual, but for those who could bear the heat, Mizrahi delivered no April's Fool. Mizrahi's girl is sleek and stylish. She doesn't mess around with blah, blah, blah "

With all the puns, fractured syntax and Franglais, Mizrahi had their number down pat. His show was pat, too, taking off with jet speed on the extended runway, which showgoers saw being built for the fashionably late delay. His clothes were a cleaned-up take on the '70s with some by-now-predictable pantsuits, jumpsuits, elongated knit pieces and some mom-like brocade and matelasse get-ups. It was fun.

Earlier, ladies who lunch turned out in facelift force for Bill Blass and Oscar de la Renta. They're a life-form separate from the mob of fashion trendies who're there to work the news and make the news at the shows. The ladies have hairdos, trendies have cuts. Ladies wear color and luxe fabrics, trendies wear black and industrial nylon. Ladies have sheer or bare legs, trendies cover up with black leather pants.

Old boys Bill and Oscar gave the ladies clothes to shop for -- the smartest suits, the softest plaids, age-defying colors and pink mink to break out of that dark ranch mode. Beautiful and pricey.

It's never too early to think about next fall's party wear.

Here's what evening looks like:

* Velvet. It's now in liquid jersey form in silver, brown and black.

* Lace. If its not seductive and black its gold or metallic.

* Sweaters. They're paired with pants of shimmer or lace and rustling skirts.

Pub Date: 4/03/96

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