John Fiehn, 76, who covered the Berlin...


John Fiehn, 76, who covered the Berlin Wall crisis during more than 30 years as an Associated Press and AP-Dow Jones reporter, died last Monday in Frankfurt, Germany, after suffering a heart attack in January. On Aug. 13, 1961, Mr. Fiehn saw the East Germans start stringing barbed wire across the city the start of the Berlin Wall. He paid a woman at a kiosk in West Berlin to keep her telephone line open so he could dictate the breaking story and saw a uniformed East German soldier jump across the wire with his weapon, escaping to West Berlin. The story matched a famous AP photograph.

Wolfgang Koeppen, 89, a German author who earned critical acclaim with three novels in the 1950s, died Friday in Munich, Germany, after a long illness. Between 1951 and 1954 he published "Doves in the Grass," "The Greenhouse," and "Death in Rome," all of which dealt with Germany's post-war reconstruction and Nazi legacy.

Julius A. Shaw, 72, who lost the use of his legs to polio when he was 8 weeks old and spent most of his adult life championing the rights of the disabled, died March 6 at St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan.

Pub Date: 3/18/96

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