From The Sun March 17-23, 1846* March...


From The Sun March 17-23, 1846

* March 17: Today is the anniversary of the natal day of St. Patrick, Ireland's patron saint. The Hibernian Society will celebrate the day by a dinner at the Exchange Hotel.

* March 21: While a colored man named Benjamin Skinner, a scowman, was engaged on Thursday evening in handling some flour, a barrel accidently fell upon him and striking one of his legs, broke the thigh in two parts.

From The Sun March 17-23, 1896

* March 17: A horse belonging to Mr. John Rehan, 407 South Caroline St., caught its foot in the flooring of its stable late Saturday night and before assistance could be given committed suicide by butting its brains out against the stall.

* March 19: In Camden Yard, near Camden Station, a dining car jumped the track late Tuesday night, and was in collision with a baggage car.

From The Sun March 17-23, 1946

* March 17: Appointment of Sewell Watts Jr., a Baltimore broker, as general chairman of the Maryland General Hospital's $1,000,000 building fund campaign, was announced yesterday.

* March 19: "The Desert Song," revived at Ford's Theater last night, holds up very well after nineteen years. The Sigmund Romberg score is as tuneful and fresh as ever.

* March 20: Beginning March 31, the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad will join the Santa Fe Railroad in establishing passenger service between Washington and Los Angeles, Roy B. White, B. & O. president, announced yesterday.

Pub date: 3/17/96

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