For one Boston veteran, it's 'Christmas morning'


The 100th Boston Marathon will be run April 15. Until then, this space periodically will profile Maryland runners who will be competing.

Bill Schwartz will have run 71 marathons, including 1Bostons, when the gun is sounded in Hopkinton this year.

Along the way have come some impressive finishes, including a 3-hour, 10-minute effort in his first marathon -- the Maryland Marathon -- in 1974 and a Boston personal record of 2: 53: 58 in 1981.

He has run there every year since 1975, with the exception of 1976 and 1978 when he didn't compete because of injury.

"I went up those years with the idea I might be able to run, but I wasn't able to run," says Schwartz. "This is the first year I didn't qualify. I got in by lottery, in the first drawing."

His marathon times now are slower due to injury -- "I'm trying masseuse therapy; I've tried stretching; I've tried weight training," says Schwartz -- but the enthusiasm remains high.

"I enjoy Boston every year. It's like Christmas morning for me," says Schwartz, a 57-year-old pediatrician in private practice in Baltimore.

He travels to Boston each year with his wife Pat, whom he met 33 years ago when she was a nurse at Mercy Hospital.

"It's just purely running," Schwartz says. "Up in Boston, everything is running."

But it also remains an integral part of his everyday life. Three of his children are runners, including Kurt, a 31-year-old minister, and John, a 28-year-old osteopath.

"My biggest competition now comes from Paul," Schwartz says of his 26-year-old son, a landscaper and pilot.

Still, April 15 will be a defining moment in his running career.

"A lot of people aren't going up because of the crowds, but I've just been up there so many years," Schwartz says. "In fact, I'm going to carry a camera with me so I can document the whole thing."

Time on Rosasco's side

Carole Rosasco improved her PR by six minutes in the Las Vegas Half-Marathon on Feb. 10.

"I had heard the Las Vegas course was fast," says Rosasco, 36, of Baltimore, "and I thought if I could run 82 minutes, I'd really be happy.

"Out there, they didn't give you any splits and I'm one of those runners who doesn't use his watch. So . . when I finished,I was shocked."

Rosasco was the 12th woman, the fifth U.S. female finisher and second in the 35-39 age group.


The top finishers in the 1995 Maryland RRCA Championship Series: Males -- 1. Ted Poulos; 2. John Stepek; 3. James Moreland. Females -- 1. Maureen Hall; 2. Randon Fritsch; 3. Dee Nelson. . . . Dave Cooley is the new RRCA state representative. . . . Area finishers in the Williamsburg Half-Marathon Feb. 25: Art Morey, 58, 1: 31; Mike Baziz, 55, 1: 37; Richard Williams, 60, 1: 46; Neal Hinkle, 59, 1: 54; Gene Constantine, 53, 2: 17. . . . Area finisher

Pub Date: 3/05/96

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