Officials rule to overturn region forfeit Parkville boys defeat Fallston despite mistake

State officials yesterday overruled a previously announced forfeit that had followed Monday night's Class 3A North regional boys basketball game between visiting Fallston and Parkville.

As a result, the Knights' 91-72 victory becomes official, and coach Steve Baker's 17-6 team will play at Randallstown tomorrow night. Randallstown defeated Woodlawn, 72-65, yesterday.


Fallston's protest was on the basis of Parkville's dressing 16 players and entering their names in the score book. The State Tournament Bulletin for winter sports lists, "No team may dress more than 15 players," as one of its guidelines.

The forfeit had been declared after the game by Parkville athletic director Jesse Hannon.


At the time, he said it was an honest mistake of the school's athletic department, and that they wanted to do the right thing.

"No state by-law or rule was broken," said Ned Sparks, executive director of the Maryland Public Secondary Schools Athletic Association.

"What was violated was a guideline of the state basketball committee. The offense was really up to the committee to decide. There is opportunity for review and to make a decision.

"In this case, the error was in bookkeeping and not a forfeitable offense."

Sparks said he had consulted with Chuck Brown, director of the boys basketball committee, and they were in agreement in rescinding the announced forfeit. Brown is the administrator of athletics for Prince George's County.

"That [forfeit] was the school's zeal to do the right thing," Sparks added.

"In this instance, however, no state rules were violated and we agreed the proper thing to do was let the final score stand."