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Parkville forfeits to Fallston for dressing 16 in win


After Parkville (15-8) had whipped visiting Fallston (8-12), 91-72, in a Class 3A North regional quarterfinal last night, the Knights found out their work was for naught.

Due to an oversight, Parkville dressed (and printed their names in the official scorebook) 16 players, one over the limit allowed by the MPSSAA, and forfeited the game.

"It was an honest mistake of the Parkville athletic department," said Jesse Hannon, the school's athletic director. "I'll make the call. We're going to do the right things, and live by our mistakes."

The situation was called to the attention of the game officials by Fallston coach Robin Hood, and Hannon was notified at halftime. At that point, the administrator told them, "Let's play the game, and we'll deal with it afterward."

It was a bitter ending for Parkville's players and first-year head coach Steve Baker, who admitted he thought about the numbers, but wasn't sure, and then got caught up in his pre-game preparations and didn't go back to check.

For the season, he turned around a team that had been 2-16 and 0-18 its last two years, guiding it to a 15-7 regular-season record.

For the game, Parkville went on a 9-2 run at the end of the half to open an eight-point lead, then rode a 23-point third quarter to a commanding position.

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