Science and uncertainty

Here are a few highlights of this week's on-line activities:



1 p.m. Dr. Neil Tyson, astrophysicist, on America Online. Explore Mars and other planets with Princeton U. scientist. Location: vTC Scholastic Network. Keyword: Coliseum

7 p.m. Charles Handy, "Beyond Certainty" author, on America Online. Discuss changing worlds of corporations. Location: Business Week. Keyword: Odeon


8 p.m. Beth Witrogen McLeod, eldercare expert, on CompuServe. Discuss caring for elderly parents with San Francisco Examiner reporter. Location: Women's Wire Forum. Go: WWForum

9 p.m. Mike Wallace, "60 Minutes" investigator, on America Online. Debate power and its abuse in broadcasting with TV legend. Location: Mobile Office. Keyword: Globe

9 p.m. USAF Thunderbirds on CompuServe. Fly high with members of Air Force's demonstration team. Location: Convention. Go: Convention

9:30 p.m. Paul Barker, Ministry co-founder, on America Online. Chat with bass player about hit album "Filth Pig." Location: Warner Records. Keyword: Odeon

10 p.m. Judy Tenuta, comic goddess, on Prodigy. Laugh out loud with Grammy nominee. Location: Guest Spotlight. Jump: Chat

10 p.m. Nancy Lieberman-Cline, pro basketball player, on America Online. Chat with Olympian about new broadcasting and marketing career. Location: Women's Sports Foundation. Keyword: Coliseum


9 p.m. Esther Dyson, electronic industry forecaster, on CompuServe. Discuss future of Internet with influential businesswoman. Location: Women's Wire Forum. Go: Convention


9 p.m. Andrae Crouch, gospel singer, on Microsoft Network. Celebrate Black History Month with vocalist. Location: NBC. Go: Black History

9 p.m. Burton Goldberg, "Alternative Medicine" author, on America Online. Discuss holistic healing methods with researcher and writer. Location: Longevity Magazine. Keyword: Coliseum

9:30 p.m. Johanna Neuman, USA Today foreign editor, on CompuServe. Discuss media's influence on news. Location: USA Today. Go: Convention

10 p.m. Dr. Bill and Martha Sears, parenting experts, on America Online. Pediatrician and nurse team, parents of eight, discuss getting kids to eat well. Location: Parent Soup. Keyword: Coliseum


8:30 p.m. Robert King, "Speechless" screenwriter, on Microsoft Network. Get advice for writing Hollywood blockbuster scripts. Location: Screenwriters Studio. Go: MSN Today


9 p.m. Stephanie Ackler, financial adviser, on America Online. Learn how to invest wisely. Location: Woman's Day. Keyword: Odeon

9 p.m. Carolynn Hillman, "Love Your Looks" author, on CompuServe. Discuss body image and self-worth with psychotherapist. Location: Women's Wire Forum. Go: Convention

9 p.m. Ellen Crawford, "ER" star, on eWorld. Actress who plays nurse Lydia Wright chats about hit show. Location: Community Center. Go to Shortcut: IRC

10 p.m. Michael Tucker, "L.A. Law" star, on Prodigy. Actor chats about new book, "I Never Forget a Meal." Location: Guest

Spotlight. Jump: Chat



4:30 p.m. Kristi Yamaguchi and Paul Wylie, Olympic skaters, on Prodigy. Medalists discuss professional skating lives. Location: Newsday Direct. Jump: Chat

8 p.m. Kellie Martin, "Life Goes On" star, on America Online. Discuss newest projects. Location: Lifetime TV. Keyword: Odeon

8 p.m. James McPherson, Civil War historian, on CompuServe. Discuss battles with Pulitzer Prize winner. Location: Students Network. Go: Convention

9 p.m. John Avnet, "Up Close & Personal" director, on Prodigy. Discuss film based on life of journalist Jessica Savitch. Location: Guest Spotlight. Jump: Chat


5 p.m. Sydney Biddle Barrows, Mayflower madam, on America Online. Chat with author of "Just Between Us Girls." Location: ABC Beta. Keyword: Cyberplex


10 p.m. Kellie Martin, "Life Goes On" star, on Prodigy. Chat with young actress. Location: Guest Spotlight. Jump: Chat

10 p.m. Bob Hirschfeld, satirist, on America Online. Lampoon late-night talk shows with AOL's News Grief writer. Location: Comedy Friday. Keyword: Odeon