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Davidson to spike for Georgetown Familiar foe: Glenelg's ,, volleyball Player of the Year next season will be on the other side of the net from her sister, who plays for Villanova.


So, Elisa, where ya going?

Elisa Davidson has heard it a hundred times. Named the volleyball Player of the Year by the Baltimore Sun and the Washington Post, the Glenelg High senior knows it comes with the territory.

"I tell them I don't know yet," she said.

But she does now.

Davidson went to Georgetown University Friday on an unofficial visit. She toured the campus for the first time, attended a class and met some of her new teammates.


"I'm going to Georgetown," Davidson said Friday night.

Sorry, Rhode Island. See you, Wake Forest. Goodbye, George Mason. Nice knowing you, Seton Hall, DePaul, and Villanova.

"I've visited a lot of schools and Georgetown was my favorite," Davidson said. "I liked it a lot. It's a real pretty campus."

"It's a great academic school and also good at volleyball," added Davidson, who has a 3.5 GPA and 1,220 SAT score. "Wake Forest was a good academic school and Rhode Island was a good volleyball school. Georgetown was the best of both."

Seton Hall was the first to offer Davidson a scholarship. It came in August. On Nov. 18, Rhode Island coach Bob Schnick came out of the stands after Davidson led Glenelg to the 2A state title and offered her a scholarship.

She decided to wait.

In time, Rhode Island would withdraw its offer, then put it back on the table. Rhode Island, which finished second to George Washington in the Atlantic 10 and had a 30-8 record, never gave up on Davidson.

"He [Schnick] really liked her," said Evelyn Davidson, Elisa's mother. "He saw her fitting into the team. He had a plan for her."

Davidson knew Rhode Island was the best volleyball school recruiting her. She also thought her parents wanted her to go there because of its volleyball program.

But Davidson early on got the feeling that Rhode Island wasn't what she wanted.

"I don't know why," Davidson said. "I don't have a reason. I just didn't see myself going to Rhode Island."

Davidson didn't decide between two schools, like her older sister, Marisa, a sophomore at Villanova. An All-Metro player at Glenelg, Marisa chose Villanova over Ohio University.

But Davidson simply eliminated schools along the way. The process, she said, was "easy."

"I never felt stressed about it," said Davidson, a 5-foot-9 hitter. "There was one day when I really thought that no school was right for me. But I got over it."

Marisa and Elisa agreed that it would be better if Elisa did not go to Villanova, although the door never was closed.

Teammates when Glenelg won the state volleyball title in 1993, the Davidson sisters will be Big East Conference opponents and will play against each other for the first time.

"I told her if she went to Georgetown she should expect to lose next year against Villanova," said Marisa. "It will be fun to play against her."

And who will Mom root for?

"That's going to be interesting," said Evelyn, who played at the University of Maryland. "I think I'm going to be yelling the whole time."

Georgetown, 19-14 last season, including a loss to Villanova, recruited Davidson throughout high school. Georgetown coach Jolene Neagle tutored Marisa two years ago when she played for the Columbia Volleyball Club as a senior. In her third year at Georgetown, Neagle got to know Elisa when she practiced with her sister's club team.

Davidson, who bought a Georgetown cap for her father Friday to go along with three from Villanova, did not give Neagle a definitive answer Friday afternoon.

"I told her basically that I was going there," said Davidson.

Why not just tell her?

"I wanted to talk with my parents first," said Davidson.

She did that early Friday evening, and later that night Davidson's father, Jan, called Neagle with the news.

Davidson's scholarship is for three years. She had numerous offers of full scholarships, but decided with her heart. She has worked hard, and is grateful that volleyball has given her the opportunity to attend a school like Georgetown.

Then again, she knew this day would come.

"I was doing some cleaning around the house and I found a journal I did in English class in ninth grade," said Davidson. "I wrote that I wanted to play volleyball in college."

So, Elisa, where ya going?

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