Names to considerI believe there are some...


Names to consider

I believe there are some very good names for Baltimore's NFL team: Maryland (Chesapeake) Ospreys, Maryland Knights, Baltimore Defenders, Baltimore Seafarers, Baltimore Privateers.

The osprey is a fierce bird, native to Maryland; the Knights would be appropriate since jousting is the state sport; the Defenders would be a rampart with a firing cannon; and the Seafarers or Privateers would have a ship such as the Constellation firing broadsides with its banner of stars and stripes atop.

Michael C. Hickey


Iron Horses

Baltimore Iron Horses.

The reasoning: 1. A horse is a grown-up colt; 2. The first railroad (Iron Horse) in the United States was the Baltimore & Ohio, whose museum sits in the shadow of Camden Yards; 3. A two-word name is distinctive, but not unheard of (Fighting Irish, Crimson Tide, Golden Gophers); 4. The name would be a tribute to one of the greatest of the old Colts, Bill Pellington (The Iron Horse), who was just ignored by the Hall of Fame, where he truly belongs. This name would be a more fitting honor to his memory than any Hall of Fame.

Joe Challmes

Hanover, Pa.


I think the name for the new Baltimore NFL team should be the Bruisers and the colors should be black and blue.

James Doran


Bay Liners

The Bay Liners would be a good representation of the Baltimore area and its history.

For many years it was customary for the famous Chesapeake Bay Liners to carry passengers from what is now the Inner Harbor to destinations throughout the region. The logo could include a powerful ship hull breaking through the water.

Bert Sadtler



My suggestion: The Baltimore Wave. Reasons: The fans could do the wave and shout, "Here comes the wave." When the anthem is sung, they could sing, "Oh, say, does that Star-Spangled Banner yet WAVE." Like Ocean City, they could use a wave as their logo.

Jack Cain

Ocean City


I think Baltimore's new football team should be called the Barbarians. The meaning of the word barbarian is warrior. Hercules, Thor and Conan were barbarians. The colors should be orange and purple, and the symbol on the helmet should be a double-head ax.

Talmadge L. Hill Jr.



How about naming it for the greatest winning team Baltimore ever had? This is the team that beat the British in 1812 at "Fort McHenry Stadium" by the light of the "rockets' red glare."

Let's call the team the Baltimore Rockets and, among other things, keep reminding people of the great contribution this city made to American freedom.

George W. Hallgren

Bel Air


The Baltimore Dolts fits with all the nonsense about football and life in general here.

Bob Kambic


Dome that stadium

Art Modell sacked Marylanders and got his stadium plus other perks. Now, one-party legislature, do your state a favor and put a dome on that stadium. Why not use the place more than 10 times a year? Conventions, shows, concerts, Final Four, Olympics. . . . Make yourself look smart and good to all


Bill Williamson


Speros snub hurts

"Jim Speros snubs Special Teamers, bars them from news conference." How much can sports fans take? Do we require any further evidence that sports franchises treat their customers like dirt?

The Special Teamers were an unselfish group of people whose unpaid efforts to save a working person's team deserve respect. For these people to get slapped in the face by the rich boy who stood to benefit most by their involvement is an abomination!

A pox on clowns like Speros, crybabies like Peter Angelos and carpetbaggers like Art Modell. Why people continue to spend their hard-earned money on toys of millionaires is beyond me.

John J. Ralston


The truth on Lowenstein

Any fan that followed the Orioles on HTS will tell you we had one of the best announcing combinations anywhere. John Lowenstein always told it like it was, even sometimes questioning the wisdom of upper management.

The real reason Lowenstein wasn't retained boils down to one person -- Peter Angelos. When will HTS tell the truth?

Larry Norwood


Turn up the radio

If HTS fails to alter its decision, my family will watch the TV with the mute button engaged and listen to the play-by-play on the radio.

Kathryn Thompson


Something missing

If I did not get HTS for free, I would drop it in a heartbeat. Mike Flanagan, yes. Jim Palmer is knowledgeable, but keeps

promoting himself. Bring John Lowenstein back!

Eric R. Nord

Glen Burnie

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