Pasadena getting a second zip code It will be assigned to those with boxes at post office


It doesn't have the cachet of 90210, but Pasadena residents will be getting a second zip code.

As early as next week, 21123 will be added to the current Pasadena zip code 21122. The latter still will apply for Pasadena residents who have home delivery.

The new zip code will be assigned to about 1,200 people who receive more than 6,800 pieces of mail daily in boxes at the Lake Shore branch of the U.S. Postal Service on Mountain Road.

Deborah Yackley, a spokeswoman for the Postal Service, said the additional zip code will take effect as soon as mailbox customers are notified.

Ms. Yackley said the new zip code will improve efficiency because it will mean that a machine will be sorting some of the mail that is now sorted by hand.

Currently, all mail with the 21122 zip code is hand-sorted for either home delivery in the Pasadena area or delivery to post office boxes.

The second zip code will allow a machine to separate the post office box mail from the home-delivery mail.

"The machine can sort about 40,000 letters of mail every hour," Ms. Yackley said. "Not many people can do that."

That doesn't impress Dale Kesselring, who has had a mailbox at the Lake Shore post office for five years. He complained that he will have to inform his family and friends in California, Missouri and Kansas of the change.

Other residents, however, said they didn't mind the revision, even if it involved changing stationery and address labels.

"I don't see it being a big deal," said Howard Holt, who has rented a mailbox for four years. "In the long run, if it'll help these guys improve service, go for it."

Helen Skillman, a spokeswoman for the Baltimore District of the Postal Service, said post offices in the metropolitan area, such as Ellicott City, Hagerstown and Pikesville, have separate zip codes.

"It's not unusual," Ms. Skillman said. "It's really a service improvement."

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