* Philadelphia outfielder Jim Eisenreich went 10-for-10...


* Philadelphia outfielder Jim Eisenreich went 10-for-10 stealing bases last summer, and he had a terrific strikeout- to-walk ratio, whiffing 44 times and drawing 38 walks.

* We're a long, long way from October, but the Dodgers match up well with the Atlanta Braves, because they, too, have dominant pitching. The pitcher toughest to hit in 1995: Hideo Nomo, who allowed opponents a .182 average. Ismael Valdes ranked eighth (.228), Mike Mussina fifth (.226). The major-league pitcher who allowed the lowest batting average to hitters leading off an inning: Valdes (.176), with Dodgers right-hander Ramon Martinez ranking second (.186) and Nomo ranking 10th (.215). The toughest pitcher in the majors to hit with two strikes: Nomo, who allowed opponents an .089 average with two strikes.

* Kansas City's Bob Boone used more new and different lineups than any other manager in baseball last year, 127. Pittsburgh's Jim Leyland was tops in the NL with 124.

* Only two managers used more defensive substitutions than Davey Johnson (31) last year -- Milwaukee's Phil Garner (52) and Atlanta's Bobby Cox (40).

* Detroit's Sparky Anderson and San Francisco's Dusty Baker called for the most pitchouts (77), with Johnny Oates of Texas calling the fewest (1). The runners were moving on 16 of the 77 pitchouts for Anderson, and only 14 of 77 for Baker. Phil Regan called for 36 pitchouts last year, and guessed right seven times. Of those seven times when the Orioles pitched out with the runners moving, they managed to throw out only one runner, or 14.3 percent.

* The most career homers for any active pitcher: Fernando Valenzuela, with 10.

* STATS Inc. offers annual predictions for individual players, based on statistical formulas. Sometimes the STATS folks are right on the mark, as they were with Mike Mussina in 1995 (they guessed 18-9 with a 3.05 ERA, and he finished 19-9 with a 3.29 ERA), and sometimes they have no clue (they guessed a 15-12 season for Jimmy Key, who went 1-2). Note these predictions, then, with the proper skepticism: Bobby Bonilla, .265, 24 homers, 82 RBIs; Roberto Alomar, .306, 101 runs, 45 stolen bases; Brady Anderson, .244, 14 homers, 95 runs; Cal Ripken, .262, 21 homers, 99 RBIs; Chris Hoiles, .268, 24 homers, 71 RBIs; Rafael Palmeiro, .295, 29 homers, 95 RBIs. For pitchers, Mussina, 18-10, 3.11; Scott Erickson, 12-13, 4.48; David Wells, 12-12, 3.95; and Randy Myers, 45 saves, 3.77 ERA.

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