Some ideas for making money, and a tip or two about saving it

WITH MOST popular stock averages perched this morning at record highs after yesterday's spectacular rally, we list some late-winter money-makers and money-savers.

ON THE CHEAP: "Ten Stocks Under $20" from Smart Money, March, are ADAC Labs, Auspex, Computer Products, Data Broadcasting, InterVoice, Landry's Seafood, Pride Petroleum Services, Stac, Telxon and Vitesse Superconductor. "These are poised to thrive despite slowing economy," the magazine says. (Indeed, several of the stocks already have moved above $20.)


STOCKS & BONDS: "In presidential election years since 1928, the S&P; 500-stock index averaged a 13.8 percent gain." (Salomon Bros.)

"In mutual funds, unpopularity pays off big. In 18 of 21 cases, "wallflower funds" that took in the least new money beat average funds the next year." (Morningstar Research)


CREDIT CORNER: "My Month Without Credit Cards" in McCall's, March, is worth reading. Excerpts:

"Talk about a spending freeze! Our family gave up plastic 30 days -- and learned how to melt our debt Handing over six $10 bills for shoes felt different from using a credit card. 'This is real money,' I thought."

" 'Since I can't charge,' my husband said, 'I can't get you an anniversary present,' but I replied, 'Who cares? I have you.' I learned a lot, especially thinking twice before I bought. If I made it through one month, I can make it through another."

TAX, JOB TIPS: "IRA contributions up to $2,000 made before April 15 may be deductible against 1995 income. See your accountant." (Tax Hotline)

"If you think your boss doesn't like you, have a heart-to-heart talk. If you ignore the problem, it just gets worse." (Good Housekeeping, March)

"It usually takes 10 months before entrepreneurs who have opened businesses find out whether they will make it." (Success, March)

INTERNET INDEX: Here, from S&P; Outlook, Feb. 21, are "Internet-Related" stocks: America Online, H&R; Block, Cascade Communications, Cisco Systems, MCI Communications, Microsoft, Netcom On-Line, Netscape, Oracle, Sun Microsystems.

IPOs, CBS, ETC.: "If you decide to buy an initial public offering [IPO], be prepared to sell at first sign of trouble. Most IPOs are just so-so performers long-term." (Consumer Reports, March)


"A Westinghouse spokesman says CBS acquisition positions the firm for future growth, adding, 'We're excellent station operators and can get CBS to No. 1.' " (Black Enterprise, March)

"Small-fry investors are stoking stock mutual funds despite pros' pessimism -- and they're looking pretty savvy." (Business Week, Feb. 26)

"Key advantage of 401(k) plans is they put you, not the company, in charge of your retirement savings." (Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine, March)

"Your emotions are the best 'reverse indicator' of what you should be doing in the stock market." (Gerald Loeb)

Regarding the above, here's a Wall Street couplet: "When they're high, they want to buy. When they're low, they let 'em go." (Peter's Book of 1,000 Quotations)