Pikesville's Joseph Sheppard is home again, with sculptures


COLLECTORS and fans of artist Joseph Sheppard -- best known for his paintings -- are for the first time getting a chance to see an exhibition of his bronze and marble sculptures. Last Tuesday, at a gallery at 1100 Reisterstown Road rented by Sheppard, people showed to see the 30 sculptures at a gala opening-coming home party. Sheppard, who was raised in the Pikesville community, is donating some of the proceeds to the Pikes Theater Renaissance Campaign.

Fifteen years ago, he moved to Pietrasanta, a town in Tuscany in the foothills of the Carrara Mountains in Italy. He works there six months a year and then spends six months at exhibitions in America.

Sheppard also has written 10 books, the latest of which is "Portraits" and includes pictures of former President George Bush, Maryland U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski, opera star Chris Merritt and film maker John Waters, all of whom sat for him.

He'll be at Bibelot, at the Festival at Woodholme, at 3 p.m. Sunday signing copies.

Center Stage radio auction

Don't forget, the 19th annual radio auction for Center Stage begins at 8 a.m. Sunday on WBAL-radio, 1090-AM, and continues for 16 hours of on-air bidding for more than 700 items.

Hotly contested items are expected to be two tickets for the opening NFL game at Memorial Stadium; Orioles tickets, travel packages such as an Alaska cruise, accommodations in exotic Tobago, ski vacations, airline tickets to Morocco, Brazil, Tel Aviv, Senegal, Copenhagen.

A double-page ad with all the times and items will run in the Today section of The Sunday Sun.

ACC Craft Fair

Next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of the country's finest crafters will be at the Convention Center to show and sell an array of unique items.

This is the ACC Craft Fair's 20-year anniversary in Baltimore, and many who worked on the original "Winter Market" are still around. A few names that come to mind are Paula Rome and Hillary Jacobs, Paula Rome & Associates, who still handle the PR for the show; Sandy and Bob Hillman, she's with Trahan Burden & Charles and Bob's an attorney; Jody Albright, former director of the Governor's Office of Art and Culture, now director of the Office of Special Projects, Department of Business and Economic Development; craftsman David Bacharach, who's been in all 20 shows; and, of course, former Gov. William Donald Schaefer, without whom there would not have been a "Winter Market."

Speaking of our former Gov, I couldn't believe the temper tantrum he threw, knocking the stadium deal with Art Modell -- the same sweetheart deal that he and his group had offered teams in the past.

It's been suggested that the blow-up occurred because Gov. Parris Glendening and his crowd have gone out of their way to make the former Gov feel uncomfortable. I'm told the final insult may have been a snub at the retirement dinner of State Treasurer Lucy Maurer, where Glendening (intentionally or unintentionally) failed to introduce Schaefer.

My spies tell me Gov. Schaefer was at the Center Club Wednesday having lunch with the owner of Baltimore's NFL team, Art Modell, and his son, David, and Herb Belgrad, former head of the Maryland Stadium Authority. From all observations, it was a much-needed, friendly gathering.

Three tall women

Three tall women will review "Three Tall Women" on Sloane Brown's entertainment report Wednesday night on Channel 45's p.m. news show. Reviewers will be Sloane, 5 feet 10 inches, her mom, Clare Cochran, 5 feet 11 inches, and Channel 45's weather gal, Lori Pinson, 6 feet.

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