Alan MillsProjected role for the Orioles: Mills...


Alan Mills

Projected role for the Orioles: Mills is coming off shoulder surgery and, whenever he's healthy, he'll compete for one of three spots open in the bullpen. Mills has been throwing off a mound and appears to be making progress, although he hasn't attempted to throw any breaking pitches.

Number crunching: Mills walked 18 in 23 innings last year, and was hit hard -- six doubles and four homers, for 25 RBIs.

Where he has been this off-season: He spent a couple of months in Baltimore, rehabilitating his shoulder, and the rest of the time in Florida.

What he has been doing: Mills married, and his wife, Shareese, is due to have a baby in August. "I've been rehabilitating, getting married, and working on a family," he said with a smile.

Who he thinks is the Orioles' best acquisition of the off-season: "I'd guess you'd have to say Roberto Alomar. He's the best second baseman in the game, and it's kind of hard to top that."

What other AL team he thinks has improved itself this off-season: "Cleveland. They got Jack McDowell and Julio Franco, and they were already very strong before that. They just added to it."

His own expectations for this season: "I want to be 100 percent healthy again, and go from there.:

An Oriole to watch: "I want to see Bobby Bonilla play. I didn't get a chance last year, because I was gone before he got here. And Alomar, too."

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