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Rick KrivdaHis projected role for the Orioles:...


Rick Krivda

His projected role for the Orioles: He's attempting to reclaim his spot in the starting rotation, although he's facing a tough battle against Jimmy Haynes.

Number crunching: Pitching with four days' rest last season, he had a 5.59 ERA for the Orioles. With more than four days' rest, he had a 2.67 ERA.

Where he's been this off-season: Krivda spent most of the winter in Baltimore, with a short trip to his Pennsylvania home for the holidays.

What he's been doing: He worked out at Camden Yards three times a week, and played basketball regularly at Cal Ripken's place. "I improved," he said dryly, "in all aspects of my game." He also made regular appearances in the community, as part of a reading program. "It was really overwhelming," he said. "It was a great experience."

Who he thinks is the Orioles' best acquisition of the off-season: "Probably Roberto Alomar, because if there was any uncertainty at second base before, it's gone now. The basic infield [of Alomar, Ripken, Rafael Palmeiro and B. J. Surhoff] is going to play 150 games a year, and if they put up their regular numbers, they'll be great. For a pitcher, there's nothing better."

Another AL team that has improved itself: "Boston, or New York. New York seemed to be bidding for the same players as Baltimore."

His expectations for 1996: "Once again, I've got to go out and prove myself this year. It's been the same every year in spring training. I just have to earn a spot. Where it's going to be, I have no idea."

An Oriole to watch: "The guy I really enjoy watching is Jeffrey Hammonds. There's just something about him. Everything he's about is positive. Even if you're saying something negative, he'll turn it around and make a positive out of it. He's worked really hard this off-season, put on weight and dropped his body fat. It'll be interesting to see what kind of numbers he puts up this year."

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