From The Sun Feb. 18-24, 1846* Feb....


From The Sun Feb. 18-24, 1846

* Feb. 19: In the report of the proceedings of the Second Branch of the City Council for Tuesday evening, there was a typographical error. We were made to say that a proposition had been submitted to increase the salary of the Mayor to $300 -- it should have been to $3,000. Quite a difference.

* Feb. 23: The Birth-day of Washington -- Yesterday being the anniversary of the birth of the Father of his country, it was duly observed by several of our military companies.

From The Sun Feb. 18-24, 1896

* Feb. 18: The Maryland Legislature will not be called upon by the railroad companies of the State to extend the period within which they are required to equip their passenger cars with steam-heating apparatus. The law will be complied with at last.

* Feb. 21: The Young Women's Christian Temperance Union began serving hot coffee to the motormen and conductors of the City and Suburban Railway at Roland Park.

From The Sun Feb. 18-24, 1946

* Feb. 19: If the Light Street water front is to be turned into a national shrine -- as suggested Sunday by Representative D'Alesandro -- Maryland historical authorities must approve the proposal to make it a memorial to Gen. Sam Smith, hero of the Battle of Baltimore.

dTC * Feb. 21: Hochschild Kohn & Co. announced yesterday that a suburban branch store will be built in Edmondson Village, a new development being constructed in the 4400-4500 block of Edmondson Avenue.

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