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Gone to SpeedEditor: I want to congratulate...


Gone to Speed

Editor: I want to congratulate Dave Barry on his excellent and very truthful article on "Reaching Our Limits" [To Wit, Jan. 7]. His public declaration and acknowledgment that our government has decided to abolish the "National Pretend Speed Limit" is the ultimate answer to all of those 55 mile per hour do-gooders who have been causing all of those rear end collisions.

Now that we have done away with that antiquated 55 mph idea, I have been able to speed up to my usual 65 mph to 70 mph. My friends are now doing 80 mph, but that is OK. I usually catch up to them at the next stop light!

Walter Boyd


Dramatic Moments

Editor: I was mesmerized by the photographs which appeared in "Lasting Impressions" in the magazine section of The Sun on Dec. 17. They effectively captured some of the most significant and dramatic moments in people's lives. The commentary for each photo was icing on the cake.

Kudos to the skilled photographers. I'm sure most of us shall consider this copy of the magazine a keepsake.

loria Galperin


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