A roundup of new products and servicesTop...


A roundup of new products and services

Top Protection

If you spend a lot of time engaged in outdoor activities -- fishing, golfing, backpacking, boating, for example -- you might want to consider protecting your head from the elements with the Ultimate Hat from Ultimate Products Inc. The cotton headpiece is rain-repellent, mildew-resistant and features a Hydrofil anti-sweatband. A closed-cell foam tip provides insulation and keeps the hat afloat in the event of a watery mishap. Adjustable tie-down cords keep the hat secure in heavy rain or wind. Sun worshipers take note: The Ultimate Hat has a ultraviolet safety rating of 145 SPF (Sun Protection Factor). Nine styles are available, in prices ranging from $20.95 to $39.95 plus shipping. To receive a catalog or to place an order, call Ultimate Products Inc. at (800) 477-HATS.

In Plain Sight

A new reflective technology called illumiNITE is making it safer for runners, bikers and walkers to share the road with motor vehicles. When applied to fabric, illumiNITE acts like millions of mirrors working together to reflect light back to its originating source. Unlike reflective strips that may appear to be an unrecognizable series of lines floating ahead of a driver at an uncertain distance, an outfit enhanced by illumiNITE reflects a recognizable human silhouette -- at distances of up to 1,000 feet. Right now the material is available in the RailRiders illumiNITE jacket, which comes in a number of fashionable colors and is washable. It's $89 plus $4.95 for shipping, and can be purchased through the Self Care Catalog. Call (800) 520-9923 to order.

Watching Cal

Cal Ripken Jr. on a watch? Why not? He's everywhere else. P. D. Q. Collectibles in Baltimore is offering Cal Ripken photo watches (licensed by Major League Baseball) for $8.88, including shipping and handling. Each watch is guaranteed. Supplies are limited, the company says. Mail your check or money order to P. D. Q. Collectibles, 11 Warren Park Drive, Suite 1, Baltimore, Md. 21208. Call (410) 486-6375 for more information.

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