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Viennese party only the latest to attract this debutante


OVER THE YEARS, I've noticed a decline in the number of young ladies of debutante age interested in bowing at the Bachelors Cotillon or anywhere else. Perhaps that's why I was intrigued when I received a note from Jean Sprain Wilson, telling me about a Montgomery County family who travel the world attending debutante balls.

rTC According to Ms. Wilson, who works for Jerome Lord Enterprises, a literary agency, Savile Collins de FitzAlan de Dinan Lord was among 130 debutantes invited to attend the Opera Ball in Vienna, Austria, last Thursday evening. The deb and her parents, former Baltimoreans Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Edmund Lord, arrived in Vienna a week before the ball so the debutantes and their escorts could take lessons at the prestigious Elmayer dancing school. Savile and her escort, Prince Alfred von Liechtenstein of Reichersberg, Austria, and the others were taught the Linkswalzer, or Left Turn Waltz, which had to be mastered to participate in the Viennese Opera Ball. This year's ball was reportedly even more spectacular than usual because it was also a celebration of Austria's 1,000th birthday.

While in Vienna, Savile stayed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Muller-Tyl and their son, Falco, while her parents were the guests of Princess Anna Maria and Prince Friedreich von Liechtenstein.

During the past year, this young lady's social calendar included debuts at the Christmas Ball and the International Debutante Ball in New York, Bachelors Cotillon in Baltimore and the Queen Charlotte Ball in London. I'm told she turned down invites from Palm Beach and Paris because they conflicted with her classes at Mount Holyoke, where she is a sophomore. Before attending Mount Holyoke, Savile graduated from the Fay School in Massachusetts and Miss Porter's School in Connecticut.

Mr. Lord's first daughter, Stavely, came out at nine different debutante parties, and he has daughters, Dorian, 16, and Wallis, 14, waiting in the wings.

Production opening

Mary Anne Perry, the owner of that wonderful voice you hear on WLIF-FM radio's midmorning show, is quite an actress. As a matter of fact, she'll be opening her seventh production in two years March 7 at the Axis Theater in Woodberry.

The play, "Patient A," is the story of Kimberly Bergalis, the young Florida woman who contracted AIDS from her dentist and died four years later. Mary Anne portrays Kimberly.

Working with Mary Anne on this production are two talented actors, Stephen Antonsen and Mark Bernier. Brian Klaas is the artistic director. The opening night gala will benefit HERO, an AIDS organization.

The show will run Thursday through Sunday for five weeks, and tickets are $12 and $14. Call (410) 243-5239 for information.

Fax in your events

I plan to run a social calendar of April, May, and June events in mid-March. If you'd like to have yours included, please fax the who, what, when, where, why and a telephone number, to my attention, at (401) 783-2519.

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