Jug made in Cincinnati held genuine scotch Market value: Some distillers shipped whisky in bulk, and it was rebottled in America.


I collect empty Scotch whisky jugs. I just found one that is marked "Imported by Mihalovitch Fletcher and Co., Cincinnati, Ohio." What gives?

In the late 1800s, the Scots began to export their trademark Scotch whisky to the United States. When it was sold in the United Kingdom, the scotch was packed in earthenware jugs decorated with transfer prints.

Some scotch distillers sent filled jugs. Others, realizing that the jugs weighed a lot and took up space, shipped their scotch in bulk to be rebottled in the United States. American-made jugs were lighter and frequently are glazed on the bottom.

When I took down the porch light on my house I discovered it was copper. I found the mark "Moe-Bridges." Do you have any information?

The Moe-Bridges Co. worked in Milwaukee starting about 1923. It made pierced-metal and bent-glass shades for indoor and outdoor lights. Moe-Bridges outdoor lights sell for about $175 apiece.

I have a few composition dolls from when I was a little girl. I know they're breakable. From what material are they made? How should I take care of them?

Every doll manufacturer had its own version of "composition." Doll makers combined wood pulp, sawdust, flour, rags, papier-mache, cotton and cardboard mixed with resin, adhesive and paint.

The resins can dry out, become brittle and shrink. Keep your doll in a well-humidified environment and out of the hands of children.

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