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Western Maryland College names students to dean's list


The Western Maryland College dean's list has been announced for the 1995 fall semester. Inclusion on the list requires a minimum 3.4 grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Highest honors are earned for a 3.8-4.0 average, high honors for a 3.6-3.79 average and honors for a 3.4-3.59 average.

Students from Carroll are:

Detour : Kristen R. Coffman, highest honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Coffman.

Eldersburg : Frederick M. Butler, high honors, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Butler; Melissa L. Meehan, highest honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Meehan; William M. Reigel, highest honors, son of Sharon Reigel of Eldersburg and Robert Reigel of Sykesville; Sharon C. Snyder, highest honors; Christy A. Veneziani, honors, daughter of Cheryl and Michael Veneziani.

Finksburg : Christina A. King, high honors, daughter of Sharon and Ronald King; Pauline C. McAlonan, highest honors, daughter of Frances and Malachy McAlonan; Scott D. Morsberger, highest honors, son of Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Morsberger; Andrew S. Oppenheimer, highest honors, son of Judith and Steven Oppenheimer; Mark C. Ruby, highest honors, son of Shelley and Herbert Ruby.

Hampstead : Kristen E. Bolster, highest honors, daughter of Sheila Bolster of Hampstead and Lawrence Bolster of Timonium; Joanne M. Geiman, honors; Amy N. Heffner, highest honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Heffner; Laura B. Liggett, high honors; Ronald O. Miller, highest honors.

Linwood : Adele Mowers, highest honors, daughter of Katherine Shaw of Linwood and George Mowers of Jacksonville Beach, Fla.; Erin E. Murphey, high honors, daughter of Rosemary and Dennis Murphey.

Manchester : Carrie A. King, honors, daughter of Merle and Roger King; Keith B. Mayle, highest honors, son of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Mayle.

Marriottsville : Laura J. Veise, high honors, daughter of Connie and John Veise.

Mount Airy : Thomas J. Lapato, highest honors, son of Patricia and Robert Lapato; Amy E. Larrick, high honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Larrick; Melanie L. Phipps, honors, daughter of Linda and James Phipps; Courtney M. Sullivan, high honors.

New Windsor : Anthony R. Becker, highest honors, son of Sheila and Roland Becker; Sarah A. Chenoweth, highest honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chenoweth; John S. Comings, high honors, son of Janet and Peter Comings; Sarah A. Ensor, highest honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David R. Ensor; Laura L. Gatier, high honors, daughter of Deborah Gagliano; Kimberleigh Nichols, honors, daughter of Margaret and Charles Nichols; Amy S. Warehime, highest honors, daughter of Bonnie and Rodney Warehime.

Sykesville : Blake A. Beares, highest honors, son of Susan and Allen Beares; Laurel J. Carichner, high honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Carichner; Erin M. Farver, high honors, daughter of Nancy and Thomas Farver; Gregory T. Ford, honors; Vanessa C. Gehr, high honors, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Gehr; Richard N. Hamilton, highest honors; Kathleen A. Horan, high honors, daughter of Barbara and Vincent Horan; Heather L. McKenzie, highest honors, daughter of Jondelyn and George McKenzie; Amy N. North, honors, daughter of Gail and Ronald North; Lisa M. Peltier, high honors, daughter of Victoria and Gary Peltier; Kendra J. Pulis, highest honors, daughter of Donna and Richard Pulis; Michael B. Puskar, highest honors, son of Deborah and Daryl Puskar; Rebecca M. Sommer, highest honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sommer; Sarah E. South, highest honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James South; Jeannine M. Witles, highest honors.

Taneytown : Robin M. Carroll, highest honors, daughter of Barbara Smith; Christopher W. Kulp, high honors, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Kulp.

Union Bridge : Virgil F. Cain, high honors, son of Doris and Larry Cain; Alexander J. Cruickshank, highest honors; Deirdre A. Cruickshank, highest honors.

Westminster : Sarah K. Belt, highest honors, daughter of Sharon Templeton and Wayne Belt; Cynthia A. Bollinger, highest honors, daughter of Bonnie and Robert Bollinger; Teri L. Brittingham, honors, daughter of Linda Dudley; Lisa R. Buell, honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Buell; Qing Chen, highest honors; James D. Clarius, highest honors, son of Andrea and Daniel Clarius; Dierdre M. Crowl, highest honors; Margaret A. DeFalco, high honors; Rebecca R. Duex, highest honors, daughter of Kathryn and Steven Duex; Craig J. Eckard, highest honors, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Eckard; Sarah M. Fulton, honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Fulton; Darcel Harris, highest honors; Jeanne L. Hersh, honors; Michelle L. Hertsch, highest honors, daughter of Cheryl and Roland Hertsch; Lisa A. Hopkins, high honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Irving Hopkins; Nancy C. Huber, highest honors; Scott M. Humbert, high honors, son of Jeannie Haines of Westminster and Michael Humbert of Orlando, Fla.; Eleni I, Koutsouradis, high honors, daughter of Mary and Steve Koutsouradis; Kelli A. Lesser, highest honors, daughter of Trudi Lesser of Reisterstown; Donna V. Lydard, honors; Scott P. Maas, high honors, son of Sharon and Clayton Maas; Melissa A. Mangold, highest honors, daughter of Mary Mangold of Westminster and Robert Mangold of Carolina, Puerto Rico; Susan B. McDowell, honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter McDowell; Carrie A. McFadden, highest honors; Martin H. Oswiecimka, honors, son of Edyta and Henry Oswiecimka; Charles W. Parks, high honors; Courtney D. Risch, highest honors, daughter of Patricia and George Risch; Carolyn M. Roush, honors; Patricia A. Shaffer, high honors, daughter of Sandra and Walter Shaffer; Mary E. Walsh, honors, daughter of Celeste and Francis Walsh.

Woodbine : Colleen V. Deitrich, highest honors; Rachel K. Harrison, highest honors, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Harrison; Amy L. Johnson, honors, daughter of Sue and Ronald Johnson; Michelle M. Zepp, honors, daughter of Barbara and Norman Zepp, Sr.

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