Books of the region: In 1995 Maryland writers outdid themselves Authors, authors: The volumes proliferate.


This is the third and final installment of a checklist of 1995's general-reader books by Marylanders about Maryland, continued from the Jan. 28 listing:

Editor's note: (O) means oversize; (P), paperbound.

Local History

"Baltimore's Past: A Directory of Historical Sources," Thomas L. Hollowak, Margaret Burri and Gerard Rainville, editors. Historyk Press. 255 pages. $15 (P)

"Fort McHenry," by Scott Sheads. Nautical & Aviation Publishing. 168 pages. $25.95. Includes recent research.

"Windsor Hills, 1895-1995," Sara Hartman, editor. Windsor Hills Neighbors. 56 pages. $12

"Courts of Admiralty in Colonial America: The Maryland Experience, 1643-1776," by David R. Owen and Michael C. Tolley. Carolina Academic Press and the Maryland Historical Society. 456 pages. $45

"A Southern Star for Maryland: Maryland and the Secession Crisis, 1860-61," by Lawrence M. Denton. Publishing Concepts. 256 pages. $26

"Maryland, the South's First Casualty," by Bart Rhett Talbert. Rockbridge Publishing. 150 pages. $25

"Poe Died Here: Recollections of Church Home and Hospital," by Frederick T. Wehr. Church Hospital. 112 pages. $24.50

"Bay Shore Park: The Death and Life of an Amusement Park," by Victoria Crenson. W.H. Freeman. 40 pages. $16.95

"Dr. Mudd and the Lincoln Assassination: The Case Reopened," John Paul Jones, editor. Combined Books. 280 pages. $24.95

"The Jacob Engelbrecht Death Ledger, 1820-1890." Paw Prints. 480 pages. $32. Frederick County; 20,000 names.

"70 Years From Overlea to Bel Air," by C. Clark Jones. Rosedale Savings and Loan. 47 pages. $10 (P)

"Baltimore: Industrial Gateway on the Chesapeake," Dennis M. Zembala and Robert Vogel, editors. Baltimore Museum of Industry. 142 pages. $14.95 (P)

"Lest We Forget: A Guide to Civil War Monuments in Maryland," by Susan Cooke Soderberg. White Mane. 195 pages. $29.95

"Daughter of Zion: Henrietta Szold and American Jewish Womanhood," by Eric L. Goldstein, Joyce Antler and Harry Kessler. Jewish Historical Society of Maryland. 103 pages. $15


"An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness," by Kay Redfield Jamison. Knopf. 224 pages. $22

"Figural Napkin Rings: Collector's Identification and Value Guide," by Lillian Gottschalk and Sandra Whitson. Schroeder Publishing. 352 pages. $18.95 (P)

"Fighter Wing: A Guided Tour of an Air Force Combat Wing," by Tom Clancy. Berkley. 331 pages. $15. All mechanisms, no plot, war-ready.

"A Tribute to Leslie: A Walk Through Grief," by Lavinia Bratton Penniman. Gateway. 96 pages. $17 (P). The author's daughter, a former flight attendant, died of cancer.

"Quilts from the Smithsonian: Twelve Designs Inspired by the Textile Collection of the National Museum of Americnan History," by Mimi Dietrich. That Patchwork Place. $24.95. (O) (P). A how-to book.

"Getting Simon: Two Gay Doctors' Journey to Fatherhood," by Kenneth B. Morgen. Bramble Books. $14.95 (P)

"Walden Ponderings: What's Right, What's Wrong, What Matters," by Alan Walden. Publishing Concepts. 288 pages. $22.95

"Passions: The Wines and Travels of Thomas Jefferson," by James M. Gabler. Bacchus Press. 334 pages. $29.95. Before, during and after his French sojourn, Jefferson uncorked many a bottle.

"Your Family Will Love It," by Nancy Baggett, Susan Belsinger and Ruth Glick. Rodale. 424 pages. $27.95

"The Book of Politically Correct Speaking: A Guide to Speaking Drycleaned English in Today's America," by Jeffrey Lace. BPCS, Box 41434, Baltimore 21203. 199 pages. $9.99. (P)

"What If? Exploring the Paths Not Taken in American History," Martin H. McKibben, editor. Sparrowhawk Press. 301 pages. $20

Nature and Outdoors

"Finding Wildflowers in the Washington-Baltimore Area," by Cristol Fleming, Marion Blois Lobstein and Barbara Tufty. Johns Hopkins University Press. 328 pages. $15.95 (P). 700-plus species.


"Columbia: a Celebration," photos by David Hobby, text by Susan Thornton Hobby. Perry Publishing. 118 pages. $40 (O).


"The Boy in the Well," by Daniel Mark Epstein. Overlook Press. 92 pages. $13.95 (P)

"With One White Wing," by Elizabeth Spires. Margaret K. McElderry Books. 32 pages. $14

"Disfortune," by Joe Wenderoth. Wesleyan University Press. 80 pages. $10.95 (P)

"Shocked and Amazed: On and Off the Midway," by James Taylor. Dolphin-Moon Press.

"The Night Lover," by Elisabeth Stevens. Birch Brook Press. 56 pages. $11.50 (P)

"The Neighbor," by Michael Collier. University of Chicago Press. 61 pages. $20

"The Room of Months," by Marta Knobloch. Forest Woods Media Productions. 80 pages. $12 (P)

"The Brighter the Veil," by Lia Purpura. Orchises Press. 80 pages. $12.95

"Essential Fables," by Vonnie Winslow Crist. Lite Circle. 96 pages. $9.95

"Silent Partner," by Greg Williamson. Story Line Press. 84 pages. $11.95

"Sunday at 2." Baltimore Writers' Alliance anthology. 67 pages. $5.95 (P)

"The Illustrated Zen Poet," by Gary Blankenburg. Lite Circle. 40 pages. $5

Public Affairs

"The Little Platoons: Sub-Local Governments in Modern History," by George W. Liebmann. Praeger. 175 pages. $55

"Israel Under Rabin," Robert O. Freedman, editor. Westview, Boulder, Colo. 255 pages. $19.95 (P). Before the assassination.

"Creating a New Ireland: A Tribute to the Irish Lobby," by William Hughes. Hughes Enterprises. 142 pages. $11.95


"Finding a Home for the Soul: Interviews With Converts to Judaism," by Catherine Hall Myerowitz. Jason Aronson, Dunmore, Pa. 18512. 424 pages. $27.50

"Father Joe: A Year of Wit, Wisdom and Warmth," by Joseph Breighner. Cathedral Foundation Press. 200 pages. $16.96 (P)

Romance Fiction

Novels by: Helen Chappell (as Rebecca Baldwin), Ruth Glick and Eileen Buckholtz (as Rebecca York), Rhonda Harding-Pollero (as Kelsey Roberts), Kathryn Jensen (also as Nicole Davidson), Susan King, Loree Lough, Loree Lough and Una McManus, Una McManus, Jo-Ann Power, Mary Jo Putney, Nora Roberts (also as J. D. Robb), Linda Shertzer, Lola Smith (as Cleo Chadwick), Linda Windsor.

Science Fiction

Novels by: Catherine Asaro, Jack L. Chalker (two books), Robert Frezza, James Luceno (as Jack McKinney), Jamil Nasar, Charles Sheffield (three books), Lawrence Watt-Evans.


"The Baltimore Orioles: Memories and Memorabilia of the Lords of Baltimore," by Bruce Chadwick with photos by David M. Spindel. Abbeville. 136 pages. $29.95. For the advanced collector.

"It's a Very Simple Game: The Life and Times of Charley Eckman," by Charley Eckman and Fred Neil. Borderlands. 221 pages. $21.95. Basketball, broadcasting and blarney.

"The Cal Ripken Jr. Story," by Harvey Rosenfeld. St. Martin's Press. 276 pages. $22.95

"Through the Spyglass: A Sailor Looks at Cruising and Tells 'What' and 'Why,'" by Anne M. Hays. Cruising Guide Publications. 160 pages. $14.95

The Bay

"Powerboat Racing on the Chesapeake," by William W. Mowbray. Tidewater. 104 pages. $19.95. Vrrro-o-o-m!

"Chesapeake Legacy: Tools and Traditions," by Larry S. Chowning. Tidewater. 320 pages. $37.50. Hoopnets for catfish. Dragging for conch.

Young Readers

"Sydney, Invincible," by Colby Rodowsky. Farrar, Straus & Giroux. 140 pages. $14. A school newspaper, and the return of a Rodowsky heroine.

"Rosie's Posies," by Marcy Dunn Ramsey. Tidewater. 36 pages. $14.95

"The Story of the U.S. Naval Academy," by Clara Ann Simmons. Naval Institute. 110 pages. $16.95.

"Chesapeake Bay Goose Music," by Roger Ethier. Mt. Vernon, Va. 22121. 64 pages. $12.95 (P)

"The Tale of the Mouse's Tail," by David and Maxine Schaefer. Mica Publishers. 31 pages. $9.95

"Creak! Thump! Honk! A Very Spooky Mystery," by Susan L. Roth. Simon & Schuster. $13.

"Trout Summer," by Jane Leslie Conly. Holt 234 pages. $15.95

"Carnival," by Mary Clare Helldorfer. Penguin. $14.95

"Roller Coaster," by Kevin O'Malley. Lothrop, Lee & Shepherd. $15

"Papa Tells Chita a Story," by Elizabeth Fitzgerald Howard. Simon & Schuster. $15

"The Marvelous Maze," by Maxine Rose Schur. Illustrated. Stemmer House. $15

For help in this compilation, thanks go to Liv Blumer, Binnie Syril Braunstein, Cami Colarossi, Betty Lynne Leary, Mark Owings, Leslie Rice, Leslie Wilson-Grem.

James H. Bready wrote for The Evening Sun for many years as a reporter and book editor. He writes a monthly column on Maryland books.

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