Judith Kaplan Eisenstein, 86, who in 1922...


Judith Kaplan Eisenstein, 86, who in 1922 became the first girl to undergo the Jewish rite of bat mitzvah, died Wednesday of a heart attack in Bethesda.

A musicologist, teacher and author of books about Jewish music, she was the daughter of Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, founder of the Jewish Reconstructionist movement.

He presided over her bat mitzvah service in New York. Jewish boys for centuries had observed the bar mitzvah as a rite of

passage into adulthood when they reach age 13.

Eva Hart, 91, who was 7 when she was rescued from the sinking Titanic, died Wednesday in London. She devoted much energy to campaigns for marine safety and was outspoken in her opposition to salvaging material from the ship.

Scott Beach, 65, a radio personality with a booming voice who appeared in several movies, died Tuesday in San Francisco. He played the family court judge in the film "Mrs. Doubtfire" and had parts in "The Right Stuff," "American Graffiti" and "Tucker."

Lady Caroline Blackwood, 64, an Anglo-Irish aristocrat who wrote wry, macabre novels and married painter Lucian Freud and poet Robert T. S. Lowell Jr., died Wednesday of cancer in New York.

Ernest Samuels, 92, a Pulitzer Prize-winning author and professor emeritus at Northwestern University, died Monday in Evanston, Ill. He won his Pulitzer in 1965 for a biography of Henry Adams, the grandson and great-grandson of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.

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