The good, the bad and the ugly


World Championship Wrestling's most gallant good guys and vilest villains will converge at the Baltimore Arena on Saturday for an evening of body slams and dropkicks.

Here's a preview of some of the key matches on the card:

* "Nature Boy" Ric Flair vs. Randy "Macho Man" Savage: This heated rivalry has all the ingredients of a classic wrestling feud (or an episode of your favorite soap opera): sex, violence and revenge. In this main event bout for the WCW world heavyweight title, Flair, the current and 13-time world champion, defends the belt against former champion Savage. But more than the title is at stake. The Macho Man's machismo has been threatened since Elizabeth (his real-life ex-wife) recently defected to Flair's camp. Flair, the master of the figure-four leg lock, refers to himself as "the dirtiest player in the game" for his total disregard of the rules. Savage, perhaps best known for his Slim Jim commercials, counters with a fiery temper and a devastating flying elbow drop off the top rope. This one could get ugly.

* Johnny B. Badd vs. Lex Luger: On the line is Badd's WCW television title, which is always defended on TV. This bout isn't televised, but pro wrestling has never let details stand in the way of a good match. Badd, who looks like Little Richard and has a background in amateur boxing, has combined the two: His signature move is a left hook known as the "Tutti Frutti." Luger, whose sculpted physique is exceeded only by his arrogance, will attempt to get Badd in his dreaded "Torture Rack" back-breaker.

* Disco Inferno vs. Alex Wright: Disco Inferno dresses like John Travolta's character in "Saturday Night Fever" (remember the white polyester suit?), but his ample midriff makes him look more like Travolta's character in "Pulp Fiction." He has all the Tony Manero dance moves down pat, but once he stops shaking his booty and it's time to wrestle, Disco Inferno usually becomes a lame (disco) duck. Wright, a young wrestler from Germany with matinee idol features, is the clear favorite here.

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