In search of $20 and the perfect present for Valentine's Day


I PROMISE THIS is the last time I'll ask," my oldest son pleaded. "Just $20, that's all I need. I'll pay it back out of my allowance."

I struggled not to laugh out loud. I still owe my mother from an allowance advance in 1972.

Sensing impending failure, he quickly shifted tactics.

"No, you're right. I should be more responsible with my money like my brother," he paused gauging my response. "After all, you and Dad give me food and shelter and clothing. It's not right that I ask you to pay for my girlfriend's valentine gift."

Girlfriend. I cringed involuntarily. A recent burst of social activity had left my son deeply in debt while I was beginning to feel like a mother-in-law in training.

"Now you know how my mom felt when you and I started dating," my husband muttered.

Ignoring him, I explained to my son that he didn't need to give expensive gifts. How about writing a poem or maybe a romantic walk under the stars?

He left, promising to give it some thought.

Later that night I found my youngest son listening to his brother's new Walkman.

"Don't worry, he didn't sell it to me," he explained. "It's more like collateral for a personal loan."

3' Happy Valentine's Day, Glen Burnie.

Fun for 'special ones'

It's a "Day of Fun For Our Special Ones" when the Father McGivney Council of the Knights of Columbus welcomes children with disabilities to an afternoon of games from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday at the Ruth P. Eason School.

This is the 10th year the Glen Burnie council has entertained the children from Eason and Marley Glen schools.

The highlight will be the presentation of $34,000 to be shared by the schools. The money was raised during the council's annual Tootsie Roll drive conducted in the fall.

Members of the council will assist the children in games.

For information, call Jim Kilchenstein, 544-8975.

Democratic club to meet

Members of the District 32 Democratic Club will meet candidates running in the March 5 primary at the club's meeting at 8 p.m. tomorrow at the Ferndale Volunteer Fire Department.

Candidates for the 1st Congressional District and four judges from the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court are scheduled to speak.

The club will install new officers: Thomas Dixon, president; Valerie Sero, vice president; Becky Baker, secretary; Joan Dankewicz, treasurer; Mel Baker, sergeant-at-arms.

For information, call Evelyn Kellner, 969-9325; or Valerie Serio, 850-0470.

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