Colts' Band might play with new name, too Group would be willing to adopt that of new team; THE NFL RETURNS TO BALTIMORE


The Baltimore Colts' Band has been around for 49 years.

Teams came, teams left, but the band played on.

The time has come, however, for the band to change its tune, or at least its name.

So long, Baltimore Colts' Band. Hello, Baltimore (insert new nickname here) Band.

"We'll never forget the Baltimore Colts' Band's heritage," said John Ziemann, the president of the Colts' Band. "But whatever ** [owner] Art Modell calls his team, we will be willing to change our name."

Ziemann, who has been with the band for 34 years, said he intends to speak with Modell about an association with Baltimore's new football team.

"When he's settled down, we'd definitely like to sit down and talk with him," said Ziemann, whose band played for the CFL Baltimore Stallions the past two seasons.

Ziemann was doubly elated yesterday when the Browns' move to Baltimore was approved by the NFL owners. Not only is Baltimore getting an NFL team, the Colts' Band is getting an owner who has been very supportive of it.

Since the Colts fled to Indianapolis in 1984, the Colts' Band has performed 30 halftime shows in various cities, but no organization treated it better than the Browns, Ziemann said.

"The Browns were the first to recognize us," he said. "When the Colts left, no one would touch us. They thought we would be a protest group. Art Modell was the first, and he's had the Colts' Band come to Cleveland nine times in the past 12 years."

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