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Westinghouse may be adding 250 more jobs Linthicum complex may get transfers from Connecticut unit; Layoffs at Norden Systems; 'Painful decisions' now are affecting many in Norwalk


Westinghouse Electric Corp. said yesterday that it will add as many as 250 jobs at the company's complex in Linthicum.

Most of the new jobs result from deep cuts that the company is making at its Norden Systems unit in Norwalk, Conn.

Of 889 employees at Norden, about 560 would lose their jobs, a company spokesman said. Another 200 would be offered transfers to Linthicum.

In addition to the 200 engineering and technical employees who could transfer to Maryland, the Linthicum complex will gain 50 manufacturing workers needed to support work that is being transferred from Norwalk, the company said.

The news of the new jobs comes just two weeks after Westinghouse said it would reduce its work force in Linthicum by approximately 180 people.

Westinghouse has eliminated about 9,000 jobs in Maryland through layoffs and attrition since its employment peaked at 17,000 in 1988.

Emmett B. Wheeler, vice president and general manager of Westinghouse's Aerospace Divisions, said the announcement about Norden Systems is not related to the pending sale of Westinghouse Electronic Systems to the Northrop Grumman Corp., which was announced in January.

"Finalizing the plan for Norden Systems has required painful decisions which will affect many of our Norden Systems employees, but we believe this plan provides the best option for positioning Electronic Systems to remain a viable player in the intensely competitive defense electronic business," Mr. Wheeler said.

Layoffs in Norwalk will be phased over 15 to 16 months, and are expected to be completed by May 1997. Final numbers may be less because of attrition over that period, the company spokesman said.

Employees will be notified of their status in two weeks, the company said.

The plan announced yesterday calls for retaining an engineering and technical center in the Norwalk area, which will have 100 to 125 employees.

Engineering and technical employees who continue working in the Technical Center in Connecticut will be involved in projects including air-to-surface radar engineering development activities.

Work being transferred to Linthicum includes manufacturing-related activities related to the Joint STARS radar program.

Westinghouse acquired Norden Systems in June 1994, from United Technologies Corp.

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