U.S. vs. CFL title game seen by Speros in '97


Expect the Canadian Football League's interest in U.S. expansion to resume in 1997, although in a different format than the past three seasons, Stallions owner Jim Speros said.

The CFL, which officially ended its three-year American experiment Friday when the league approved the Stallions' move to Montreal, is looking into the possibility of a partnership with several proposed U.S.-based leagues, he said.

"I believe there will be a U.S. division in 1997, and I would like to see the CFL have some type of ownership in it," Speros said.

The CFL's potential U.S. partners include the All-Star Football League, founded by former NFL players Joe Kapp and Craig Morton, and a league headed by David Dixon, founder of the defunct United States Football League.

There would be no regular-season inter-league play with the CFL, but the goal is to have a title game pitting CFL and U.S. champions.

The U.S. league would have at least eight franchises from 24 potential markets. Baltimore is not being considered, Speros said.

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