Police charge man with attempted carjacking


It's not a method safety officials recommend, but some tough talk from a Libertytown woman seemed to work in holding off a man accused of trying to take her car.

Nancy Wolfe was getting into her car Thursday at Martin's Food Market in Frederick when she felt a gun at her ear and heard a man tell her to get in the car.

"I turned around to him and said, 'Nobody like you is going to tell me to do something like that!' " Ms. Wolfe said.

The man turned around and ran.

Ms. Wolfe screamed, and another customer chased the man through the parking lot, police said.

After a brief foot chase, police arrested Wilbur Marlin Wetzel, 54, of Union Bridge and charged him with attempted carjacking and attempted kidnapping. Mr. Wetzel was being held in the Frederick County Detention Center Friday evening.

Police said the gun was a toy.

Ms. Wolfe said she wasn't scared, just angry.

"I saw it [the gun], but I just felt that there were enough people around to catch him if he did anything," she said. "I'm an old farm girl. We farm girls learn to take care of ourselves."

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