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Pedestal sinks make good sense The quirks of fashion render some interior items 'appropriate' or 'inappropriate.'


Someone told me recently that I use the term "appropriate" more often than is appropriate. That may indeed be so in terms of English composition, but I do believe that in regard to style and design it's more appropriate to apply that adjective than to toss around such terms as "good" and "bad."

The fleeting nature of fashion makes it safer to say that something appears appropriate or inappropriate at a given moment, rather than making a sweeping pronouncement about its beauty or lack of beauty.

Besides, interior design involves more than the appearance of specific elements. The placement of furniture, for example, can be just as important as its style. And such a facet of design is more usefully described as appropriate or inappropriate than as good or bad.

For example, it became all the rage a few years ago to install drop-in sinks in every kind of bathroom, whether luxurious or modest, large or small. Quite often, these types of basins were put into base cabinets that weren't designed for that purpose. Eventually, the fad faded and a lot of people were left with sinks that didn't necessarily look bad, but which were now inappropriate.

A pedestal, on the other hand, will always be seen as an appropriate base. Look at the decorative Kohler model shown in the photo, and see if you don't agree with my assessment.

Pedestal sinks look their best in small bathrooms and powder rooms. The size of these spaces calls attention to the delicacy of the base and basin, an attribute likely to be overlooked in a larger room. Imagine, too, how awkward this same basin would look if it were placed in a square and bulky cabinet that, more often than not, will have been manufactured with cheap materials.

Fortunately, it appears that more people are becoming aware of how to show off this type of sink to its maximum advantage. I've noticed in my visits to private homes and showrooms alike that pedestals are now widely used. And in addition to being appropriate, this is one trend that I won't hesitate to call "good."

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