Schools have used up all available snow days


Howard County pupils will attend classes through June 19 -- six days beyond the scheduled last day of school -- because of Friday's canceled school day.

If inclement weather forces any more days to be canceled, the school system will need to lengthen school days this spring.

Howard students have missed eight days of classes so far this school year because of snow or ice. To make up for the lost time, a teacher training day scheduled for last month was replaced with regular classes, and pupils will attend school on the President's Day holiday Feb. 19.

But the school board's scheduling policy says that the school year cannot be extended beyond June 19, meaning that the only way to make up any more lost time would be to lengthen school days.

Last week, the state Board of Education granted permission to all school systems to lengthen their school days to make up lost time.

Howard school officials have said they're already drawing up plans to lengthen school days in case of more bad weather.

The last time Howard schools had to extend school days was during the spring of 1994, when students attended classes for 30 minutes extra for four weeks to make up two days lost to winter weather.

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