Public Works department will lay off 9 managers Elimination of posts will save $678,000


The Baltimore City Department of Public Works director says he will lay off nine midlevel managers, including longtime deputy director and Planning Commission representative George Winfield.

George G. Balog, the department's director, said that half the positions will be eliminated this month, and the remainder will be gone by the end of July, saving about $678,000 in salaries and benefits. The department employs about 6,000 people.

"We are reorganizing and centralizing and thereby you need fewer supervisors," Mr. Balog said.

Since 1988, 27 management positions have been eliminated, he said.

Mr. Winfield, the highest-ranking manager to be ousted, will leave his $85,000-a-year position at the end of the month after serving for eight years.

"Basically, he decided not to reappoint me," Mr. Winfield said yesterday. "I didn't think we had a bad relationship, but obviously it must have been."

Mr. Winfield said that his ouster is personal, but he would not elaborate. Mr. Balog said that Mr. Winfield's layoff is strictly a business move.

Until September Mr. Winfield was interim head of the Bureau of General Services. The post then was given to Robert F. Guston, who has been named acting head of the Bureau of General Services.

"I should have known that something was going on then," Mr. Winfield said.

He said that just after the November general election he received word that he would not be reappointed. Mr. Winfield, 52, will technically be counted as a city retiree after he leaves and will begin receiving a pension of about $30,000 a year.

Dave L. Montgomery, head of the Bureau of Transportation, will add Mr. Winfield's duties to his own.

The other positions being eliminated are: chief of interstate services, two engineering supervisors, two engineers, manager of waste water, manager of the water facility and a manager of utility maintenance.

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