Bruins' Iafrate still big shot in NHL


BOSTON -- Al Iafrate, the big Boston Bruins defenseman who used to be the big Washington Capitals defenseman, has been hanging around the FleetCenter.

Because of injuries, Iafrate has not skated in a game for the Bruins since the 1994 playoffs, the year he was traded here for Joe Juneau. But he still holds the NHL record for the fastest shot and he took a practice swing at the net, just to make sure he still had it.

While Winnipeg's Dave Manson won this year's competition with a swing of 98 mph, Iafrate racked one up at 105.1 mph. His NHL record is 105.2, set in 1993. In 1994, when still a Cap, he won for the second time at 102.7 mph. Manson's shot is as close as anyone has come in the six-year old event.

Iafrate, who continues to rehab a knee, is about a month away from playing again. He also has an arbitration hearing Jan. 31 to determine if he is owed back salary by the Bruins, who have not paid him this season, saying Iafrate's most recent knee injury isn't hockey-related.

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