Anne Arundel County wrestling at a glance

Annapolis Panthers

1994-95 record: 1-10.


Coach: Dave Gehrdes.

Top wrestlers: Rich Parshley, Sr., 171; Ben Jarashow, Sr., 160; Justin Hans, Sr., 125-130; Ken Skinner, Jr., 140; Gideon Lukens, Jr., 135.


Outlook: Annapolis is looking to bounce back from a dismal season, returning several quality starters during a season in which few clear front-runners have been established. Parshley, Jarashow and Hans all won close to 20 matches last year, with Parshley (20-10) placing fourth in both the county and regional tournaments.

Annapolis Area Christian Eagles

1994-95 record: 10-1.

Coach: Dick Bitzer.

Top wrestlers: Josh Palumbo, Sr., 119; Jason Bogaczyk, Sr., Hwt.; Matt Aird, Sr., 189; Sam Brown, Sr., 152; Christian Early, Jr., 130.

Outlook: The program, in its seventh season, is coming off one of its best campaigns, including wins over Meade and Annapolis. The Eagles return nine starters, led by Josh Palumbo (24-6, fifth states), Bogaczyk (15-7), Aird (18-9), Brown (15-8) and Cecil (14-11), and have beefed up their independent schedule to include St. Mary's, McDonogh and Severna Park.

Archbishop Spalding Cavaliers

1994-95 record: 3-9.


Coach: George Sax.

Top wrestlers: Jimmy Foster, Jr., 119; Lane Marfani, Jr., 189; Bob Wiltshire, Sr., Hwt; Tommy Hartka, Soph., 112; John Seitz, Soph., 125.

Outlook:Outlook: Sax, in his first year out of New Jersey, hopes to lift the Cavaliers' program to new competitive heights. And with Foster (44-11 last year), he's got a good start. Foster was second in the MIAA tournament and fourth in the states. "We have a young team with only one senior," Sax said.

Arundel Wildcats

1994-95 record: 8-3.

Coach: Buddy Hepfer.


Top wrestlers: Chad Webber, Sr., 125; Casey Harrington, Sr., 119; Adam Sayani, Sr., 130; Jay Hicks, Sr.; 171; Ryan Markish, Sr., 189; Wayne Nichols, Jr., 135.

Outlook: State runner-up Isaac Haertel (152) hopes to return from academic ineligibility this month. Hepfer made a two-time state champion out of Mark Chesla (now at Shippensburg), who was a first-year wrestler as a freshman, and hopes for similar success with his blend of quality veterans and JV talent.

Broadneck Bruins

1994-95 record: 14-3.

Coach: John Mayberry.

Top wrestlers: Lonnie Donner, Sr., 140; Todd Betz, Sr., 130; Aaron Lawson, Sr., 171; Adam Blough, Jr., 160; Ben Helbig, Jr., 119; Matt Ormsby, Soph., 125; Julian Tai, Jr., 135; Peter Hughes, Jr., 145; Adam Paul, Jr., Hwt; Jesse Young, Jr., Hwt.


Outlook: Broadneck, last year's 3A-4A state duals semifinalist, might just have the county's best returning team with Betz (first region), Donner (second county, region), Helbig (second county, region) and Lawson (second county). Young and Blough were JV county champs, and Hughes was a JV runner-up.

Chesapeake Cougars

1994-95 record: 8-4.

Coach: Tom Slichter.

Top wrestlers: Andy Greib, Sr., 160; Al Lowe, Sr., 130; Carl Cicchetti, Jr., 140-145; Chad Duncan, Jr., 171; Daryl Collins, Jr., 135; Ted Halligan, Jr., 140; Justin Woolridge, Jr., 112; Josh Boyd, Soph., 125; Ryan Howard, Soph., 119.

Outlook: Eight seniors graduated, including 103-pound state runner-up Travis Gottlich (32-1). But it seems county parity has -- arrived, so the Cougars may contend. Cicchetti (23-8) was fourth in the county and third in the region and lost his first-round match at states to the eventual runner-up. Duncan also is solid.


Glen Burnie Gophers

1994-95 record: 2-12.

Coach: Bruce Sider.

Top wrestlers: Philip Ateto, Sr., 171-189; Jeremy Bruce, Sr., 135-140; Corey Davis, Sr., 140-145.

Outlook: The Gophers will have to rely on the leadership of veterans Ateto, Bruce and Davis, three of the five wrestlers in the room of about 23 athletes. Bruce won last year's Edgewood Tournament.

Meade Mustangs


1994-95 record: 6-8.

Coach: Scott Jacoby.

Top wrestlers: Dennis Harris, Sr., 160; Rommel Pachoca, Sr., 125; Tim Brown, Sr., 171; Joey Pandullo, Soph., 152; Matt Pandullo, Fresh., 103.

Outlook: Jacoby earned last year's Anne Arundel County Coach of the Year honors for having the school's first state champ (Adam Butts), and posting the Mustangs' best dual season (5-6 county) in years. He will try to build around nine returning wrestlers, with Harris (fourth region) coming off a 21-victory season, and the newcomer Pandullo brothers, Joey (15-1, JV county champ) and Matt, a junior league state runner-up.

North County Knights

1994-95 record: 4-10.


Coach: Larry Radford.

Top wrestlers: Jason Stiegler, Sr., 125; Brian Balonis, Sr., 160; Mark Miller, Sr., 119; Titus Aye, Sr., 145; Tony Chase, Jr., Hwt; Eli Senter, Soph., 103; Tom Suite, Soph., 130.

Outlook: Radford, whose son, Shawn, was a state qualifier at Old Mill two years ago, returns the majority of last year's team. And with 21 years of coaching experience, some at Andover and in the Millersville junior leagues, Radford knows what to do with his talent. Stiegler, a fourth-year starter, was 11-1 in dual meets before being injured. Balonis (22-11) was fourth in counties, third in regions. Suite was a junior leaguer as was Perry Hall transfer Brian Showalter (152).

Northeast Eagles

1994-95 record:1994-95 record: 16-2.

Coach: Al Kohlhafer.


Top wrestlers: Jay Queer, Sr., 135; T.R. Fleming, Sr., 140; Paul Laumann, Sr., Hwt; Chris Morrow, Sr., 145; Glen Mosco, Sr., 112; Tyrone Eaton, Jr., 152; Ray Rogers, Jr., 119.

Outlook: Northeast has the six strongest wrestlers in the county, but Kohlhafer has some holes to fill. Queer (30-7) was a county champ, third in the region and fourth in the state. Fleming won the regions after being third in the county. Laumann was second in the county and region, Morrow was third in both, Eaton was third in the region, Mosco fourth in the county, and Rogers was a JV champ.

Old Mill Patriots

1994-95 record: 17-2.

Coach: Mike Hampe.

Top wrestlers: Jarod Marquardt, Sr., 112; Chris Riggins, Sr., Hwt; Tony Napier, Sr., 119; Mike George, Jr., 145; Gary Serago, Soph., 130; Ben Hines, Soph., 189; Rich Sampson, Soph., 130; Chris Combs, Fresh., 103.


Outlook: Old Mill won't match last year's victory total, but the Patriots -- defending tournament state champs -- have plenty of young talent. Serago was fourth in the county and regions, Combs was a junior league state champ, George was a JV county champ, and Hines and Riggins also were JV place-winners.

Severna Park Falcons

1994-95 record: 7-6.

Coach: Ralph Toomey.

Top wrestlers: Mike Stewart, Jr., 119; Mike Aminzadeh, Sr., Hwt; Mike Sapperstein, Jr., 145; John Hsiah, Sr., 125; Matt Hopkins, Sr., 140; Chris Sargeant, Jr., 171; Jacob Hildebrand, Jr., 189.

Outlook: Stewart and Aminzadeh rank with the county's best in their classes. Petit was a junior league county runner-up. Others placed in last year's JV tournament, such as Hsiah (second), Hildebrand (third), Hopkins (fourth) and Sargeant (fourth).


South River Seahawks

1994-95 record:1994-95 record: 2-11.

Coach: Ricky Day.

Top wrestlers: Gene Reid, Sr., 125; Dan Ogan, Sr., 152; Dave Summey, Sr., 140; Dan Summey, Soph., 135.

Outlook: As a sophomore, Reid was a county champ as a sophomore and placed fourth in the regions. He was 26-6 last year and third in the county and regions. Ogan was fourth in the county and regions.

Southern Bulldogs


1994-95 record: 3-9.

Coach: Tyrone Neal Sr.

Top wrestlers: Tyrone Neal Jr., Sr., 145; Tommy Inzer, Sr., 125; Scott Bonds, Soph., 112; Jeremy Reichert, Fresh., 152.

Outlook: Coach Neal feels like his Bulldogs can scrap with the best in the county. Tyrone Neal Jr. (85-10 career) has tied the record of two state titles his father set at Southern in 1970 and '71, and has a 52-0 winning streak (67-1 over the last two seasons). Bonds was third in the county and fourth in the region, and Inzer was fourth in the county and third in the region.

St. Mary's Saints

1994-95 record: 8-6.


Coach: Pat Maher.

Top wrestlers: John Horrigan, Sr., 125; Dan Madison, Sr., 152; Josh White, Jr., 171; Monte Graves, Jr., Hwt; Todd Simpson, Soph., 119; Chris Brown, Soph., 135; Ernie Listman, Soph., 160; Robert Hoffman, Soph., 189.

Outlook: This talented MIAA contender will be tested at Annapolis' tournament this weekend and faces No. 1 Mount St. Joseph on Dec. 16. White (19-4 last year) and Annapolis transfer Graves (12 wins) were runners-up at last weekend's Curley tournament, Horrigan (32-9) was third, and Listman (26-9) fourth. Horrigan was an MIAA runner-up last year. Graves (225 pounds) was third in last year's counties and fourth in the regions. Brown was 23-11 last year, Simpson was 19-11.