Light Makes Right In Perfume, Cologne


Consumers these days have a "wardrobe of scents," say industry analysts. So someone close to you will probably enjoy getting a gift of perfume, cologne or eau de toilette. Here are the latest trends in scent, according to the Fragrance Foundation:

Light, fresh scents

"Shared" fragrances for men and women 25 or younger. (This is what used to be called "unisex.")

Voiles, "veils" of fragrance -- a lighter version of classics like Chanel.

Fruity, citrusy, floral

Sporty fragrances (whatever that means!)


Having trouble finding a perfume that you know your significant other loves? Try Perfumes of the World in Harborplace, which specializes in hard-to-find European fragrances, La Parfumerie in Cross Keys or Field's in Pikesville.

The hottest-selling new fragrances for women, according to Ann Anthony at La Parfumerie, are Estee Lauder's Pleasures, a sheer floral "like flowers after a spring rain," and Flore by Carolina Herrera, fresh, soft and bright with a green note and a hint of jasmine.

Dani Levin, the buyer at Field's, suggests L'eau de Navigateur for men, a spicy, woodsy masculine fragrance. "It's nonsynthetic so it works with his body chemistry and takes on its own personality," she says. Eau d'Hadrien, a clean, fresh, citrusy scent, is also very popular.

For younger customers, cK one from Calvin Klein, a shared fragrance, is definitely the way to go. The Gap's line of shared fragrances, with names like Heaven, Earth, Grass, Day and the new one, Dream, has a strong following. Nina Ricci's Deci Dela, a fruity floral, is a hot seller with young women buying scents at the Hecht Co.

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