Road improvements planned over next year in the Odenton area Projects are designed to make travel better now, and allow for growth


Drivers in Odenton will see several roadway projects in the next year that are to improve travel between residential developments and main roadways and prepare for growth.

Piney Orchard Parkway and Route 175 over the railroad tracks will be widened; Town Center Boulevard will be extended from the Seven Oaks community to Reece Road.

The parkway widening will prepare the road for an increase in traffic expected after Piney Orchard is completed, said Robert Strott, a senior vice president with Constellation Real Estate Group Inc., the developer of the community.

About 2,800 more single-family houses, townhouses and condominiums will be built at Piney Orchard, for a total of 4,000 units, he said.

About 1,000 residents now live in the community and do not create a traffic problem, said Mr. Strott, whose company will spend almost $1 million to widen the approximate one-mile stretch between Old Waugh Chapel and Odenton roads. Work on the roadway should begin in March or April, Mr. Strott said.

The county will spend about $1 million, collected from county developers in impact fees, to continue the widening a quarter-mile south of Route 175, said Yolanda Takesian, a county long-range planner for the Odenton area.

"With that road improvement there is kind of this visual link between old Odenton and the residents of Piney Orchard," Ms. Takesian said.

West of the the parkway, the State Highway Administration plans to replace the four-lane Route 175 bridge over the railroad with a five-lane bridge.

The center lane will be a left-turn lane for motorists turning into industrial parks at both ends of the bridge, said Chuck Brown, administration spokesman.

The $1.7 million replacement is a routine project for a bridge built in the 1930s, he said.

One lane in each direction will remain open during the work, scheduled to begin by the end of this year and continue through early summer.

Odenton historians and activists worked to have the design for the new bridge modified to resemble the current art deco structure, said Glenn Akers, president of the Greater Odenton Improvement Association.

PD "We look at that bridge as kind of an entrance way into the Oden

ton Town Center," Mr. Akers said. Mr. Brown said the new concrete parapet walls will be formed to resemble the original art deco design of the bridge.

Farther north, the county wants to extend Town Center Boulevard to Reece Road, giving Seven Oaks its own access road to Reece. Ms. Takesian said the project will cost about $1.3 million. The nearly half-mile stretch of four-lane road will share a // traffic light and pedestrian crosswalk with the new Meade Heights Elementary School.

Fort Meade officials still need to approve the extension, which would be built on post property. The work could be completed by the end of next year, Ms. Takesian said.

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