Oakland Mills residents can voice concerns


Residents in Columbia's Oakland Mills village can voice their concerns about what's happening in their village at a community-wide meeting Nov. 29.

The 7:30 p.m. meeting at the Other Barn is a follow-up to similar meetings that community leaders attended Wednesday and this summer in the east Columbia village.

As one of the new town's earliest villages, Oakland Mills is showing signs of aging. Residents also have expressed worries about growing crime problems.

"It's a chance for people to talk about whatever concerns they have and whatever their dreams are for community-building in the village," said Erin Peacock, the village manager.

David Hatch, chairman of the village board, agreed.

He said he expects the big issues to be personal and community security. "But we also hope to get people talking and thinking about service in Oakland Mills," he said, adding there are opportunities for volunteers to help in literacy and reading programs, for example.

At the first community leaders meeting in July, Mr. Hatch and Howard County Police Chief James N. Robey were among 30 community leaders who expressed concerns about vandalism, armed robberies, assaults and other crimes in the village. They also sought ways to prevent future crimes and ways to build community spirit.

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