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BGE shut down power unit at nuclear plant Episode is second within two weeks; NRC is informed


"TC Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. shut down one of its two power generating units Thursday after a steam generator feed pump failed at its Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission was informed yesterday that Unit 1 of BGE's Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant was shut down after control room operators discovered that a steam generator feed pump had malfunctioned.

The shutdown marks the second time in as many weeks that the utility has voluntarily stopped power generation within Unit 1.

On Nov. 9, BGE workers "tripped" Unit 1 because of a problem with a feed-water regulatory valve, a device that controls the water level in the steam generator system.

The generator feed pump, part of the Calvert County plant's nonnuclear steam supply system, had stopped operating late Thursday evening.

At the time of the breakdown, both of the plant's 850-megawatt units were operating at full power.

BGE said Unit 1 could be on line as early as this weekend, after necessary repairs and testing. Unit 2, which underwent an outage for a scheduled refueling and repairs this summer, was not affected by the shutdown.

BGE also said the temporary outages will have no affect on customers' electric bills.

Any loss in power generation capacity will be made up either within the Pennsylvania-New Jersey-Maryland Interconnection power supply pool or from BGE fossil fuel plants.

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